As one of the top 3 largest passenger service system providers trusted by dozens of airlines around the world, Hitit is laser-focused on delivering, agile and innovative solutions backed by deep aviation industry experience.

From individual team members all the way up to senior management, Hitit is made up of just the right combination of cutting-edge tech enthusiasts and airline industry veterans, guided and governed by our user community – or as we call them, our partners. This enables us to provide all our partners, regardless of their size or business model, whether an ambitious low- cost start up or an established full-service carrier looking to modernize, with the right tools to achieve their goals both today and tomorrow.

Did you know that Hitit takes its name from the ancient Hittites?

This powerful civilization lived in the territory of modern Turkey and was one of the major middle eastern empires. Among other contributions to the world, Hittites were the first to discover and use iron, significantly improved transportation tools of those time and were one of few civilizations to grant basic human and property rights to every citizen without exception.

Hitit has had many important milestones along this journey. The company’s first major offering was “Crane FF - Frequent Flyer”, one of the earliest purpose-built airline passenger loyalty systems in the world. Crane FF was designed from the ground-up with the specific needs and challenges of the aviation industry in mind, and provided a solution perfectly suited for airlines looking to go beyond the artificial limitations of their IT systems. As the first example of what would eventually become the Hitit approach to redefine expectations through innovative solutions, Crane FF was very well received by the industry and put Hitit on the global stage – so much so that it became the most widely used airline loyalty solution in the world by 2012.

After Crane FF introduced airlines to a new way of doing business without being dragged down by legacy technology, Hitit quickly expanded on this approach by creating a whole new division to focus on core airline solutions. The initial development of Crane PSS started in 2000, and 2003 saw the release of a modern, web-based passenger service system. Crane PSS, now a cloud-based software as a service platform in its latest iteration, has since been joined by other members of Crane Airline Solutions spanning the entire airline ecosystem from reservations and departure control to operations, planning, accounting, cargo, travel merchandising, business intelligence and more.