This is the announcement of the Management Systems Policy.

Integrated Management Systems Team coordinates all efforts in line with Hitit's objectives for the proper operation of Quality, Information Security, Business Continuity, Personal Data Security, Cloud Services Security and Information Technology Services Management Systems and compliance with International Assurance Standard expectations,

To comply with the principles of continuity of business, quality of services, confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of information, which are the requirements of Management Systems, risk processing activities are carried out in order to reduce the risks that arise as a result of business-impact analysis, risk analysis and other assessments in the system,

Necessary hardware, software, training, and other necessary resources are provided to reduce risks and create additional controls,

Continuous improvement of Management Systems is supported by performing regular reviews,

Awareness and incentives are provided to ensure that all personnel and business partners participate and comply with the Management Systems, as required by the holistic approach,

By keeping customer and employee satisfaction in the foreground, high quality production and project construction is carried out,

Data security and ownership are guaranteed, limited to the services provided by Hitit.

Business partners are guided by giving the necessary key information to ensure the security of their systems,

Efficiency, continuity, compliance with standards and legal regulations of Management Systems are controlled and supported by internal and external audits.

The Management Systems Policy is announced to the entire institution and relevant stakeholders. This policy is carried out in coordination with the Information Security Policy.