To whom it may concern,

Our Quality Policy includes:

- Prioritizing customer and employee satisfaction

- Reaching for high competitive power in line with our national and international interests

- Meeting the expectations of the relevant parties with the principle of continuous improvement- Providing all legal terms and conditions while performing our activities

- Providing all legal terms and conditions while performing our activities

- Realizing high-quality production and project construction

In light of these policies, we also prioritize the data security of our customers.

To our current and potential customers, it may be required for our products and services in Turkey and abroad to be presented continuously and securely, candidates to be evaluated in the fastest and the most practical way and collection, processing and the transfer of personal data to third parties, that was informed to us or obtained from various channels from our company in order to provide appropriate working environment by eliminating the needs of our staff.

Our company takes security measures at the highest possible level to protect your privacy during the collection, storage, processing and, if necessary, sharing of your personal data in accordance with law.

Our aim; in the direction of your satisfaction, is to inform you in the most transparent manner about the ways of gathering your personal data, the purposes of processing, the legal reasons and rights of the employee.

Below is the important information regarding the protection and processing of the personal data.

a) Data Supervisor

In accordance with the Law No. 6698, Protection of Personal Data (Law No. 6698) your personal data will be collected and processed within the extension described below by the Hitit Bilgisayar Hizmetleri A.S (Hitit) as the data supervisor.

b) For What Purpose the Personal Data Will Be Processed

Your personal data will be processed in accordance with the personal data processing requirements and purposes stated in the articles 5 and 6 of the law no. 6698 with the aim of the fulfilling your contract, making the necessary evaluations for the service provided, adapting the domestic and the international legislations, particularly tax legislation and Social Security Institution legislation, compliance with risk monitoring and obligation to inform, information sharing foreseen from the authorities, reporting, fulfilling the information obligations, fulfilling the information and document storage obligations arising from legal legislations, preventing fraud, providing safety, carrying out the planning and statistics activities needed from our company, identifying and applying our company’s trade and business strategies, conducting finance, communication, marketing survey and purchase operations, maintaining the intercorporate system and application management operations, managing the judicial processes and the realization of social responsibility projects and providing a better and more reliable service without interruption.

Apart from the above-stated information, your personal information can be processed in order to be able to contact you regarding the service and the product you got or you will get, to offer all kind of products and services that are special to you. Also if you have given permission, promotion, product/service proposal, development of appropriate services and products to be used in marketing and campaign activities, customer satisfaction studies to be done, and for our company's current or new product studies and market research and target customer group detection and so on.

Within the framework of the contracts made or the activities carried out together, with third natural and legal persons that are in business relationship with our company, your personal data may be processed for the purpose of our company fulfilling the legal and commercial obligations arising from the contract, establishing a right, protection of the rights, commercial and legal assessment processes, commercial and legal risk analysis and conducting financial affairs.

c) Whom and for What Purpose the Processed Personal Data can be Transferred to

Your Personal data; within the limits set out by the relevant legislative provisions, realization of the above-mentioned purposes and limited to the fulfillment of the obligations of the relevant legislation, may be transferred within the framework of the personal data processing requirements and purposes specified in the article 8, regarding the transfer of personal data, and the article 9, regarding the transfer of the personal data overseas, of the Law No. 6698, to authorities, ministries, judicial authorities such as, T.R. Ministry of Finance Revenue Administration, Social Security Institution, to support services establishments and other contracted organizations which are supplementary or extension of Hitit’s activities, to consultants and organization cooperated where the legislation allows, to financial establishments, to independent auditing firms, to banks.

d) The Legal Reason and the Method of Collecting Personal Data

Your personal data is collected through Hitit General Directorate, website, mobile or digital applications, social media, customer interviews, SMS, written/online applications made to our company or other websites, direct sales teams, through the channels such as support service establishments, our company or other organizations that have the authority to represent our company, communicates or can communicate with you in the future, within the limits set by the relevant legislation and agreements, by the means accessing the databases of various institutions and organizations with your consent when it is legally compulsory.

Your personal data, collected by these methods, can also be processed and transmitted with the purposes specified in items (b) and (c) of this Disclosure within the scope of the personal data processing conditions and purposes stated in Articles 5 and 6 of Law No. 6698.

e) Rights of the Personal Data Holder in Article 11 of Law No. 6698

According to the regulation of Article 11 of the Law No. 6698, you have the right to;

• learn whether your personal data is processed or not,

• request information if your personal data has been processed,

• learn how your personal data is processed and whether it is being used appropriately for its purpose,

• know the third parties to whom your personal data are transferred in or out of the country,

• in cases of your personal data being processed incomplete or incorrect, request that your personal data to be corrected and request that the process performed in this context be notified to the third party to which your personal data has been transferred,

• despite the fact that it has been processed in accordance with Law No. 6698 and other related laws, request that your personal data be deleted or destroyed if the reasons that required the processing to happen disappears and request that the process performed in this context be notified to the third party to which your personal data has been transferred,

• object if you are thinking that an adverse consequence has arisen resulted by your processed data being analyzed exclusively through automated systems,

• request that your damages be remedied if you are in a loss due to the processing of your personal data in violation of the law.

If you submit a request regarding your rights to our company, with the methods described below, our company will, according to its nature, conclude the request, free of charge, as soon as possible and within thirty days at the latest. However, in cases of the transaction incurring an extra cost, the fee will be charged by our company at the specified rate in the Personal Data Protection Board. Within this context, in accordance with the 1st sub-article of the 13th article of the Law No.6698, you may submit your request to exercise your rights as set out above, in written form, or by any other means which will be determined by the Personal Data Protection Board in the future. Within this framework, the channels and procedures in which you will submit in writing to our company within the scope of Article 11 of Law No. 6698 are explained below.

In order to use your rights stated above, you can submit the application form, which an example form is presented at the, by printing, filling and signing it out; or a petition with your wet signature through a notary public to the “İTU Teknokent Arı 2 Maslak İstanbul” address.”

Respectfully submitted.


Application Form for Data Subject