During the last decade, the landscape of the airline industry has been transformed significantly. The airline sector has gone through a drastic change in both supply and demand perspective. Throughout the years, it has become more obvious that reporting is an essential part of the internal business flow of an airline, even more crucial than sophisticated and pricey forecasting and optimization systems. Airlines need a comprehensive tool which can provide an actionable data in line with industry trends and standards.

There has been a gap in the market for a dedicated, robust and trusted reporting tool that works like a revenue management system. Airline Business Performance Index (Crane BPI) has been created with functionalities that cover the entire airline business planning process for improved operation strategies. Crane BPI (Airline Business Performance Index) is the most comprehensive and compact information provider throughout the entire airline industry, which is designed based on the needs of both senior and middle management as well as operational teams. Crane BPI (Business Performance Index)collects historical and advance revenue, inventory, and DCS data, on a daily basis and creates comprehensive and detailed comparison tables, year after year.

Crane BPI (Business Performance Index) provides regular information about the airline performance in terms of Revenue, Load Factor, RASK, Yield, POS, Sales Channel, ASK, RPK, Breakeven Load Factor, Average Fare, Capacity, Passenger, Ancillary both for historical and forward-looking periods. Crane BPI (Business Performance Index) can also measure performance and effectiveness of the airline revenue management and pricing operations. In addition, Crane BPI provides daily checklist based on pre-defined by users criteria to be processed by the airline revenue management, inventory and pricing teams for their problematic flights.

Performance Data

Detailed Performance Data on a Regular Basis

Crane BPI (Business Performance Index) offers sophisticated historical and forward-looking airline performance measurement data, by loading daily PAX, BSP and departure control system files into the system and prorates transactions automatically.

Benchmark Capability

Benchmark Capability

Through the integration with 3rd party intelligence systems used by airlines, Crane BPI (Business Performance Index) enables competitor benchmark analyses. It uses the information from the airlines’ own subscribed systems, such as shopping data or airline market intelligence data.

Reduce Man Power

Reduced Man Power

With user-friendly graphical user interfaces, Crane BPI (Airline Business Performance Index) reduces the need for experienced airline staff, and saves time both for users and management through compact and detailed comparison tables, that can be exported to Excel for further analysis. The tool also enables efficient management of the inventory through daily alerts based on user defined criteria.

Micro & Macro Management

Micro & Macro Management

Crane BPI (Business Performance Index) offers extensive management since all tables are designed based on the sophisticated needs of the airline managers, of all levels.






Forward Looking








Daily Alarms


Key Features

  • Both historical and forward-looking
  • Revenue details
  • Load Factor details
  • RASK, Yield and Average Fare details
  • ASK and RPK details
  • Ancillary
  • On-time performance
  • Inventory functions performance
  • Flight alarms
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