Providing better control over inventory and facilitating optimal distribution with multiple channels have been very compelling for players of the airline industry. Nowadays airlines require an agile and full-fledged allotment manager software. Allotment manager system works with smart inventory approach which allows airlines to divide available seats between tour operators and their direct sales channels.

Crane Allotment Manager (Crane ALM) has been designed to address the operational needs of airlines for distributing their inventory over different scheduled and charter flights, direct and indirect sales channels. Crane ALM (Allotment Manager) has been developed according to business needs of full-charter, part-charter and part-scheduled airlines. The system identifies the needs of airlines and their distribution counterparts, and helps them with the regular interactions, that occur on daily basis. Crane ALM (Allotment Manager) provides airlines with a set of useful tools to efficiently oversee each step of the inventory management, starting from pre-planning of a new schedule season, through the entire range of seasonal day-to-day operations, to the final stage: invoicing and reporting.

CCrane ALM (Allotment Manager) is an innovative IT system, which manages their daily interactions of an airline with tour operators, OTAs and other B2B sales channels. Crane ALM (Allotment Manager) ensures a flawless relationship between airlines and their distribution partners.


Complete Inventory Management at a Glance

Single inventory management features of Crane ALM (Allotment Manager) provide airlines with unprecedented control over their most challenging tasks. Real-time, unified views are coupled with easy to use modification tools and automated integration allow users to plan, distribute and manage their direct channels, sales partners and tour operator inventories at top-level efficiency.


Multi-Channel Flexible Ancillaries

Allotment Manager (Crane ALM) comes pre-equipped with the most commonly used ancillary products and services in the airline industry, plus defining new ones is just a couple of clicks away. Thanks to the built-in web functionality of Crane ALM (Allotment Manager), airlines can sell their ancillaries through tour operators or offer them directly to passengers.


Reduced Workloads Across The Board

Ranging from the inventory planning module with airline schedule and pricing wizards and automated contract generation to the operational management functions including automated data exchange and real-time tour operator crosschecking; Crane ALM (Allotment Manager) is packed with user-friendly features. Coupled with seamless integration with other airline systems, our partner airlines see major savings in both time and costs.


Ready to Use Right From The Start

Compliant with the IATA standards, Crane ALM (Allotment Manager) supports all established data formats in the airline and travel industry and has an immensely configurable data interface. This allows Crane ALM (Allotment Manager) to integrate allotment management system with hundreds of tour operators and process millions of passengers.
















Key Features

  • Single inventory management
  • Ancillary sales across all channels
  • Seasonal planning tools
  • Automated contracting and sales management
  • Operational allotment management
  • Intelligent allotment optimization
  • IATA-standard and customized passenger list management
  • Automated third party data exchange
  • Invoicing and accounting integration
  • Built-in and extended reports
  • Close integration with other airline and external systems.




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