Crew management is a crucial process for airlines in their operations planning strategies. The effective crew management system can help airlines to improve their efficiency and operational productivity, it boosts the entire crew management and planning processes, reduces workload and minimizes errors.

Crane CREW (Crane Crew Management) is designed to assist airlines in crew management and planning processes by helping them to control and minimize costs related to crew, flight support staff, administration, hotel, transportation and communications.

Crane Crew Management (Crane Crew) considers crew’s preferences and lifestyles to help maintain crew members’ morale high and ensures that governmental and contract regulations are met. Using Crane Crew (Crane Crew Management) tracking helps to fast-track the entire crew management process, reduces the work-load and minimizes errors by generating pairings.


End-to-End Operation

Crane CREW (Crane Crew Management) is an ultimate solution for planning and operations, covering all processes starting from hotel reservations to transfer arrangements and financial reporting.


Fair Duty Assignment

Crew duties are assigned by taking into account a balanced distribution of layovers, allowance opportunities, block hours and number of sectors (for cockpit allowances) among the airline crew members. Absence deductions are calculated based on preferable criteria such as block hours.


Dead Head Optimization

With the help of Crane Crew Management (Crane Crew) optimized pairings contain minimum number of dead-heads, so the number of off-duty crew transfers on a pass ticket is minimized. These freed revenue seats can then be utilized by the airline to decrease costs.


Future Crew Requirement and Resource Planning (Optional)

Crane Crew Management (Crane Crew) resources can be planned, depending on upcoming fleet or next season schedule. Any future insight would help an airline to differentiate from others. Airlines will be enabled to act proactively if the number of crew members is not sufficient for upcoming seasons or expanded fleet.




Fatigue Risk












Key Features

  • Multiple regulations and rule sets
  • Fully integrated pairing, rostering and tracking modules
  • Automatic block hour, layover, net crew demand and sector target calculating
  • Automatic adjustment calculation
  • Fair rostering
  • Automatic day-off and stand-by rostering
  • Checking feasibility and editing pairing
  • Planning with adjusted statistics
  • Multi company, fleet type support
  • Advanced crew, duty, training and flight sorting/filtering
  • Detailed crew information management and inventory planning
  • Flight, ground training and simulator
  • Hotel and pass flight management
  • Detecting and reporting crew and pairing irregularities
  • Pairing optimizer
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