A proper weight and balance control is one of the most important factors in ensuring an efficient and safe aircraft operation.

Crane Weight & Balance stands at the focal point of solution providing the necessary and advanced Weight & Balance functions including load control and comprehensive peripheral functions widened as an operational solution.

Crane Weight & Balance is a web-based solution that is compatible with all standard web browsers with no specific requirement. The graphical trim display makes load planning easy. Compatibility and load limitation checks are made dynamically as the deadloads and passengers are positioned. Clear alerts are shown on the screen instantly. The application accurately and safely manages all the necessary computations to produce the loading instructions (LIRF) and load sheets in IATA format with enriched enhanced data on the layout. Sending load sheets directly to the aircraft via ACARS, while LDM, CPM, and MVT messages can be produced automatically, and all messages can be sent via SITATEX and/or e-mail.

Crane Weight & Balance supports a standalone mode and provides full functionality with an internet connection. In addition, it is integrated within Crane suites including Crane DCS, which accesses real passenger and baggage figures immediately.

Crane Weight & Balance is used by Crane Partner Airlines and by ground handling companies serving major airlines.


Increased efficiency and cost savings

Significant benefits as efficiency in loading, fuel savings and increased aircraft performance with optimized aircraft center of gravity (CG) engined by a sophisticated mathematical optimization module. Pre/Auto-Load function enables a powerful optimization of load distribution and operationally efficient loading by means of several auto applied loading preferences, restrictions, company rules including Dangerous Goods and Special Loads. Autoload Function pays off with the benefits gained.


Expeditious Developments and Customizations

Customers as partners benefit from expeditious developments towards high end industry standards and advanced experiences together with the partner ‘s requests as customizations on their benefit.


Simple to learn and easy to use for faster and reliable operation

Crane W&B is simple and intuitive system that reduces training/operation time. System tells about any action which successfully completed or missing transactions of users with clear warnings. Graphical views make it easy for users to understand the aircraft.


Benefits in establishing efficiency and traceability of processes

Allows the basis for analysis & Improvements in operator ‘s W&B processes by recording Every Step and Content of the User's Activities




CLC Centralized 
Load Control


3rd Party 


and ACARS Loadsheet


Flight Deck
Crew Interface


Offline W&B


Business Rules Settings


Staff Shift 
Certificate Tracking


Agent Interface


Communication Portal


XML Data
Export/ Import


IOS supported 
Responsive Pages


Flight Report


Autoload Function/ 
Automised User 


Key Features

  • User-friendly interface/graphical view
  • Centralized or on-site loading process
  • Dynamic Weight and Index control
  • Real time monitoring of flight activities
  • DGR and SPCL management
  • Documents to be sent via email/telex or print
  • Compatible with IATA standards
  • AHM 560 & AHM 565
  • Hold chart bay/section view and Graphical LIR in any desired shape of drawing fitting to actual
  • Support for both narrow and wide-body aircrafts/multileg flights (up to 8 legs)
  • Conditional CG limit Definitions
  • Shows ideal Trim Line and Ideal Trim Area on the CG envelope
  • Flights Process Tracking
  • Multi-language support
  • Regulated Max Weight Calculation
  • Aircraft Multiple/Variable Conditional Max Weight Limitations
  • Standard/Non-Standard Fueling
  • Shows Fuel vector on the CG envelope Trim Sheet
  • Historic Forecasted ZFW and Fuel data
  • Ballast Fuel in individual fuel tanks and in total
  • Load Control Interchange Message LCI
  • Records Every Step and Content of the User's Activities
  • Integration with 3rd party systems (DCS, Cargo)
  • Allows users to work on more than one flight at a time




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