First and foremost, I'd like to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone reading these lines.

Reflecting on how a dream we pursued three decades ago has become a reality, fills me with immense pride and happiness as I write these words. 

During my aviation career, encountering the remarkable aviation technology of the 1960s which still thrives today, has been my greatest source of inspiration, showing what is achievable. Systems operating with established data networks worldwide...

By the 1990s, witnessing the advancements in technology, we recognized the need for renewal. With our accumulated knowledge and visionary outlook, we boldly declared, "We will lead the digital transformation in Türkiye," alongside the outstanding young professionals that Türkiye has nurtured.

Our confidence in ourselves was unwavering, believing that technology originating from Türkiye would disrupt established norms in the sector and forge new paths. We aimed to introduce this transformation, which we believed would also contribute to global aviation, as a value inherent in our homeland. The Hittites - one of the most ancient civilizations in history - with their revolutionary and distinctive character, as well as the groundbreaking technology contributions they made in their time, served as a profound source of inspiration for us.

With the Hittite Sun that we proudly incorporated into our logo - symbolizing the Hittite civilization - we now radiate warmth across six continents through our technology. Alongside nearly 500 consultants, engineers, and aviation enthusiasts, we have always taken pride in embarking on this challenging – yet immensely fulfilling – journey.

Our journey, which commenced with loyalty systems, has evolved into a splendid ecosystem encompassing over 70 airline partners across six continents.

I extend my sincere gratitude to all who have placed their trust in Hitit, joined us on our journey, intersected paths with us, and shared in our common destiny.

30 years have passed, yet our journey is far from over. We have only just started. Here's to many more decades of progress, unity, and unwavering confidence based on teamwork and innovation…