Over the last 2-3 years, Hitit has been on a hot streak winning an impressive +50% of all RFPs it is invited to participate in.  While the COVID pandemic had a devastating impact to all businesses worldwide, none were hit more severely than the travel industry, and in particular the airline sector.

COVID’s Exhausted Warriors: The Airline and Travel Industries

As the world began its uphill climb out of the pandemic, the airline industry had to deal with losses in staffing, revenues and customers – whilst shouldering increased costs – i.e. rising fuel and rising labor costs, and contending with a broken supply-chain.

The airline industry had a unique problem of trying to convince everyone that is was safe to fly again, while working tirelessly to trim costs and control losses.  During that down-time, many airlines took the opportunity to review their technology stacks and partners. – As well as getting creative on alternatives, whilst not sacrificing features and functionality, but looking to a Next-Generation provider that is delivering on new requirements for the Social Media-connected Next-Gen traveler.

Max Thrusting Ahead in the Sky  

Enter Hitit – Since the onset of COVID and the ensuing 3 years, Hitit has been working tirelessly with airlines worldwide to partner and consult on what their needs and business problems are, and how we can help drive their technology needs to deliver a new, cost effective experience to that Next-Gen traveler.

Over the past 2-3 years, Hitit has delivered that Next-Gen technology, with substantial cost savings for Hitit’s current partnerships and providing a platform that aligns with the needs of the traveler of today. – All this, whilst also providing world-class support throughout the implementation process and beyond, that has rewarded Hitit with a very impressive new-sales win-rate of +50%. We consider each and every airline partner as a family member and we are humbled by the support from the industry in helping Hitit achieve this success.