It is a great responsibility to be a technology company serving the aviation and travel industry, and to control the infrastructure and operating processes of a global structure whose primary focus is passenger satisfaction. For Hitit — which has grown tremendously in the past few years, and is now active on 6 continents — we feel this responsibility deeply. I joined Hitit shortly before the pandemic and witnessed first-hand how its partner base grew exponentially.

Just as software companies that develop the technology at passengers’ fingertips are the invisible heroes, system infrastructure and operating services — which ensure continuity — are also a crucial element to consider. In other words, system infrastructure and operating services are the backbone of the whole process.

The system infrastructure and operating services that run behind the scenes ensure everything keeps going smoothly, day and night – i.e. 24/7, 365 days a year.

The praise that our Crane branded solutions have received in the industry – along with the company's rapid growth – imposes great responsibilities on us, who control the background of the business. It is crucial that the system remains uninterrupted, so that all our Partners can find their interlocutors at any time. Our Partners entrust their business-critical processes to us, and we work hard to preserve this trust. Although our work often goes unnoticed, we know that any disruption in system infrastructure or operating services can cause big problems. As the secret architects of the backstage operation, we are proud to ensure that this does not happen.

Our top priority is to provide technical and software infrastructure during the production of Hitit’s software solutions, coordinate optimum solutions in our R&D and product-development stages, control these services — and do all this using cutting-edge technologies.

Uninterrupted Service, Continuous Operation

We have strengthened our dominance in the industry through the developments we've made over the past several years. We made infrastructure and capacity increases ensuring the effective transition to Cloud architecture. The increase in the number of Partners also triggered corresponding growth in our infrastructure resources. We are working to increase cooperation with the world's leading Cloud infrastructure providers. We have switched to a Hybrid Cloud structure, which is one of the first of its kind in our industry. It is important for us to know that we are taking the lead in establishing standards for this innovative field. Consequently, our company conducts research and makes investments with the goal of achieving continued Excellence. We are working to move all our systems to the Cloud, because we realized that the flexibility and security provided by Cloud-based programs are as valuable as constant access.

On the other hand, we carry out the use and dissemination of monitoring products. While making database transitions, we also continue the improvements on the firewall side uninterruptedly. The most striking aspect is that we do all this while the Departure Control System operations are in progress. In other words, we continue to make all travel and operational processes perfect in the background – without passengers or our Partners feeling it.

Compliance with International Standards

As a company which conducts its business worldwide, we are dedicated 100% to meeting the highest international standards of quality and safety. We are subject to periodic audits within the scope of SO 9001, ISO 20000, ISO 22301, ISO 27001, ISO 27701, ISAE-3402 and PCI-DSS. In this context we review our processes and renew certifications as required. 

We always set ourselves the goal of renewing and updating our technical infrastructure, producing high value-added solutions, and achieving global leadership in our field. We continue to work on this path without losing our passion – setting new standards and taking care of our Partners!