As Hitit's Chief Transportation Solutions Officer, I am proud to look back on our participation as the Gold sponsor at the esteemed IATA World Cargo Symposium that took place in our home city of Istanbul from 25th to 27th April 2023. This event holds great significance, and it was truly an honor to play a key role in supporting its success.

During the symposium, in a speech by Willie Walsh - IATA’s Director General, we delved into a range of crucial topics, with one standout being the reminder from IATA about the indispensable role of aviation in times of natural disasters and humanitarian crises. It served as a powerful reminder that connectivity is paramount for delivering aid and mobilizing first responders efficiently. We witnessed this firsthand during the recent earthquake in Southern Türkiye and Syria, where airlines played a pivotal role in saving lives immediately after the disaster. Furthermore, airlines continue to aid in the recovery process by expediting essential cargo shipments. Once again, I would like to express our sincere gratitude to all airline companies that did not leave Türkiye alone during this challenging time.

Prioritizing Sustainability, Digitalization, and Safety in a Changing Air Cargo Landscape

IATA's emphasis on three priorities for the air cargo industry - sustainability, digitalization, and safety - resonated deeply with us. The pandemic has transformed the air cargo landscape, with increased revenues and a heightened awareness of the essentiality of supply chains. However, we remain closely tied to global dynamics, international conflicts, economic fluctuations, and uncertainties surrounding critical factors like interest rates, exchange rates, and jobs growth. Navigating this dynamic environment requires a steadfast focus on sustainability, digitalization, and safety.

Leveraging Opportunities and Strengthening Partnerships

From our perspective at Hitit, this year's symposium boasted the highest participation in recent memory, even surpassing pre-pandemic figures. We found immense value in reconnecting with industry professionals and fostering meaningful connections away from the constraints imposed by the pandemic. The symposium's focus on digitalization was especially advantageous for us as a technology-driven company, providing an excellent platform to showcase our cargo solutions and forge new partnerships.

Our previous participation in IATA World Cargo Symposiums, coupled with our Gold sponsorship status and an expanding Partner portfolio in cargo solutions, generated significant interest in our booth area. It was immensely productive to introduce our cargo solutions, deliver engaging presentations, and witness the positive reactions from attendees. The symposium also presented exciting opportunities for integration and collaboration with other third-party companies, reinforcing our position as a trusted provider of innovative cargo solutions.

Driving Progress and Innovation

In conclusion, our participation as the Gold sponsor at the IATA World Cargo Symposium 2023 was a source of immense pride for us. The event shed light on the aviation’s enormous role in times of crises, while also allowing us to address the industry's key priorities. The symposium's resounding success, with record-breaking participation, further solidified our commitment to driving progress and innovation within the air cargo industry.

We eagerly look forward to coming together next year, even stronger and more resilient!