One of my go-to airport rituals involves exploring bookstores and selecting a companion for my long-haul flights. My recent read was “Numbers Don’t Lie: 71 Stories to Help Us Understand the Modern World” by Vaclav Smil. I don’t want to give away any spoilers, but in short, the book makes sense of universal issues through data and numbers.  
I picked up this book on my way to T2RL Engage 2023, where Hitit was Gold Sponsor. At this juncture, I’m compelled to delve into Hitit’s 2023 achievements presented in numerical form. Because as the author says, numbers don’t lie 😊 

Including T2RL Engage 2023, we were actively involved in 37 international and national conferences, – and as top-tier sponsors in 18 of them. Our presence extended beyond previous years, with more engagements as panelists, presenters, and moderators. We seized the opportunity to spotlight our newest advancements in the Offer and Order Management System, disruptions and irregular operations, and our new revenue accounting solution for air cargo.  

Turkish Aviation Unites: A Source of National Pride

Operating across six continents, Hitit is the trusted IT Provider in 47 countries for 68 airlines, according to the Q3 numbers. Our influence has been steadily increasing, especially since 2020. As an industry game-changer with our high-tech solutions and services backed by our sharp insights and forward-looking vision, Hitit’s community is growing worldwide. Yet, 2023 also proved momentous as Turkish aviation entities united forces through two significant agreements.

Ajet, born from Turkish Airlines selected Hitit as its IT provider. This re-branded Low-Cost Carrier (LCC) will benefit from Hitit’s significant expertise. Hitit is the world’s only airline IT company offering solutions and services for all airline business model types, and has proven its success with the success of its partner airlines. 

Steadfast Growth on Local and National Arenas

Following Pegasus and Ajet, Turkish Airlines has now joined Hitit’s Crane Suite User Community through our agency portal plus solution (ADS). The history between Hitit and Turkish Airlines is longstanding; given that Turkish Airlines, known for flying to the most countries globally, will market its tickets via Hitit’s agent portal system, this partnership will strengthen Hitit’s extensive global agent network.

The Year of our Greatest Award Achievements

The year 2023 will never be forgotten as a special milestone for Hitit with the awards it received. Hitit has been honored by many distinguished national and international organizations  and managed to receive eight different awards. The most gratifying aspect of all these awards is the diversity of their scope. Notably, alongside commendations for its commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion; Hitit earned recognition for its proficiency in public trading, impactful social responsibility projects, robust sales capabilities, and empowerment of women. Hitit has been a known figure in the aviation market for almost three decades. But this year, in addition to its core identity as an IT provider, Hitit has also proved its worth as a well-known technology company, a stock exchange firm, a philanthropist and a strong sales force.

Thrilled for 2024: Marking Our 30th Anniversary

It will be very exciting for us to end 2023 because in 2024 we will mark our 30th anniversary. With 29 years of history in aviation behind us, we’re immensely grateful to all our internal and external stakeholders who have played critical roles in shaping our story from its humble beginnings to where we stand today. Obviously, we have a tough job; 30 years brings with it great responsibilities. But I am sure we can tackle all the challenges together. I sincerely wish everyone a Happy New Year and look forward to our continued journey, hoping to meet you all next year.