We live in historical times that have turned an expression into a reality: "When someone sneezes, the other one catches a cold." At this time, we are all "the other one", trying to cope with the negative impact of this "cold".  

At Hitit, from the very start of this event, we have continually and persistently been trying to see the bright side of this situation. At first, it was not easy for us to get our arms around this unfamiliar state, however; as a team, we quickly came together, and I am very proud of the spirit of solidarity we have as a company. After a mild summer, then a difficult fall, followed by a harsh winter period, finally, we are on the eve of a new year with some complicated questions and concerns on our minds.

I am sure that you are tired of listening to all the scenarios classified as the best, moderate, or worst regarding aviation's future. However, I like to believe that the best scenario is waiting for us. My belief is not based on a romantic optimism or groundless opinions but from our long-term experience of the Hitit team, which has been a force for endurance and success for over 40 years. Since the first plane was invented by the Wright brothers, Covid-19 is probably the most difficult issue that has occurred, but thanks to technology, we have been able to maintain some stability in the industry.

Your new normal is our regular normal

It is hard to believe, despite the circumstances of the past 8 months, we have signed many partnership agreements with airlines. We have completed their implementation process in a very short time despite working remotely from our homes, with online installations, meetings, training, and tender processes. With this awareness, we will continue our ceaseless endeavors to provide for our partner airlines in the best way possible, to develop our current solutions with the best industry practices and in alignment with our partners' needs, to further enhance their service and seamlessly boost their revenues as soon as possible.

Hitit is an excellent example of how a local company can become one of the top 3 global airline and travel IT solution providers in the world. We have achieved this success by creating an environment whose pillars include our rapid implementation, distribution freedom, and cost-efficient features, as well as the limitless support to our partners.

There are many other matters to share about our experiences, various features, and characteristics and you can find the details of these in my interview for Regional International, the official magazine of the European Regions Airline Association.   

I hope in my next blog in 2021 as we look back and review the outcomes, we will all have new positive achievements to share.