Imagine a world where planes take to the skies with minimized impact on the environment, where gender diversity and social responsibility are top priorities in the aviation industry, and where businesses actively work towards creating a greener future. At Hitit, we are dedicated to turning this vision into reality through our unwavering commitment to sustainability, innovation, and social responsibility. As the Chief Sales & Marketing Officer of Hitit, I am excited to share how our company is actively working towards a more sustainable approach in aviation.

 In recent years, the urgent need to address the environmental impact of the aviation industry has been widely recognized, and ambitious targets have been set to reduce emissions. For instance, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) has launched the Fly Net Zero project, which calls for airlines to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050. At Hitit, we understand the significance of coordinated efforts across the entire aviation industry in achieving sustainability goals. That's why we play a crucial role in supporting these efforts through our innovative solutions. Because climate change, a global phenomenon, affects every living thing on Earth. While individuals take actions as conscious global citizens, we recognize that systematic and collaborative efforts within the corporate sphere yield substantial impacts and tangible results. Aware of the escalating negative economic consequences of climate change, we are committed to mitigating its threatening effects on commercial activities and our lives. To this end, we conduct comprehensive commercial risk and opportunity studies focused on global climate change and implement concrete actions in response.

Hitit's Carbon Emission Monitoring and Optimization Functions

One of the key challenges in achieving sustainability in aviation is accurately calculating and monitoring carbon emissions. Our Cost Accounting (Crane.CA) solution includes carbon emission tracking and optimization functions developed in accordance with the Carbon Offsetting and Reduction for International Aviation (CORSIA) guidelines issued by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). With these functionalities, our Partners can accurately forecast the emissions caused by their operations, and determine the ideal fleet/aircraft assignments, route plans, and tariffs to minimize emissions. This enables airlines to take proactive measures to reduce their environmental footprint, contribute to a better environment, and support the aviation industry's commitment to sustainability. Focusing on sustainability, the environment, and the Net Zero target, this proactive R&D effort has also become an environmental investment for Hitit, showcasing responsible, efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally preferable features. In this context, the Crane.CA product incorporates numerous features aimed at mitigating the environmental impact of the aviation sector in which Hitit operates, ensuring it doesn't pose a threat in the medium and long term.

Hitit also places importance on participating in global sustainability efforts within multinational associations such as ICAO. We actively engage in sustainability initiatives within the aviation industry through our membership in the "FlyAware" platform launched by IATA's Sustainability Knowledge Center, of which we are a strategic member.

Maximum Contribution to Society with Environmental and Social Sustainability

But our contribution to sustainability in aviation goes beyond just emissions tracking. Social sustainability is also a critical aspect of our approach to corporate responsibility. At Hitit, we carry out our activities in line with The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), in a way that provides benefits to society. We provide support and implement projects not only in our own country but also in the regions where our Partners are located globally. This reflects our commitment to creating a more sustainable and livable world.
We also set an example in the industry by promoting gender diversity and inclusion within our own organization. With 36% of our employees, 50% of our Board of Directors, and 65% of our Executive Team being women, we surpass the world averages for gender diversity in the workplace. This commitment to diversity, equality, and inclusivity is ingrained into our DNA. This is reflected in our employment policies, social responsibility initiatives, and commitment to industry-wide initiatives such as the 25by2025 initiative launched by IATA, which aims to bring the representation of women in the aviation industry to at least 25% by 2025. We have already exceeded IATA's 25by2025 target for gender diversity and inclusion and are actively working towards further increasing our women-to-men ratio.

Through our social responsibility projects, we are actively working to reduce gender inequalities in the field of information technology and STEM-related fields. We acknowledge the gender gap in technology-related careers and are taking concrete steps to bridge that gap. By providing training, mentorship, scholarship opportunities, and supporting young women in internship programs, we are empowering women to pursue careers in aviation technologies and STEM fields. Our efforts are aimed at creating a more inclusive and equitable industry that reflects the diversity of the communities we serve.

We are Protecting the Sky with Our Technology

Our multifaceted approach to sustainability through innovation and social responsibility sets a benchmark for the industry and reinforces our position as one of the largest airline and travel IT solution providers in the world. At Hitit, we embrace the motto 'One Sky. One Partner' with a deep sense of responsibility and recognize that there is only one sky that should be protected with unwavering efforts. We are committed to upholding this principle throughout the solution development process and are always ready to actively participate in initiatives that contribute to creating a more sustainable and livable world.