In a move that proves to be a successful one, Royal Brunei Airlines (RBA) has selected Hitit as their technology partner. Hitit's flexible and partner-oriented approach, modern infrastructure, and expanding awareness in the market were the aspects that set us apart from our competitors in this tender. Similar function to a considerably lower cost footprint and up-close relationship management were the biggest factors in RBA's decision to leave a long-time provider behind and select Hitit as their new technology partner. This shift allows the airline to provide passengers with an enhanced travel experience while improving operational efficiency. 
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What Set Us Apart?

As one of the biggest airlines in Southeast Asia, RBA plays a significant role for the people of Brunei not only on domestic flights but also on international flights and serves as the most important gateway connecting the people of Brunei to the world, with its extensive long-haul flight network. This partnership is a great success for Hitit and is sure to increase business for both partners.

At first, it was difficult for RBA to move away from an established legacy provider to a relatively small PSS supplier, as the previous vendor had a lack of migration experience, a limited customer base in the region and in certain areas of the “legacy” space. However, Hitit was able to overcome all odds by appealing on the basis of cost effectiveness, flexibility and airline involvement. We have always been hands-on with our partners, which convinced the decision makers at RBA that Hitit was worth hiring for this project.

What was RBA looking for?

RBA wanted to make the most of the transformation door opened, albeit forcibly, by the pandemic. Replacing airline software systems are long-term projects that decision-makers need to consider carefully. Why? Because IT solutions are the heart of an airline. However, the pandemic has given us all an opportunity to rethink our approach and find new ways of working. While individuals were adapting to new pandemic conditions, airline companies have positioned technological adaptation and rapid upgrade projects at the forefront of their agenda. This is perhaps the most important perspective that the pandemic has given us: Adaptation! It is precisely Hitit's ability to respond quickly to the desired projects with its state-of-the-art technologies and agility that has firmly crossed the paths of RBA and Hitit.

RBA’s migration process took place smoothly and completed within nine months. The transition was managed by a dedicated team of IT specialists from both RBA and Hitit, who worked closely together to ensure a seamless transition for the airline's IT systems. With Covid restrictions in place, we were able to perform the migration process remotely. Fortunately, with the right approach and technology, it was possible to complete this complex project without any hiccups.

At Hitit, we always try to stay one step ahead when it comes to technology. For example, we use a powerful cloud-based platform that gives us the flexibility and agility needed to easily handle any migration scenario. Furthermore, our team members have extensive experience working remotely and have developed strong communication tools that allow them to collaborate effectively even from different locations. This means that we were able to hit our deadlines and provide top-quality service no matter where our teams are based or what challenges they may face. The partnership between RBA and Hitit has enabled the airline to take advantage of the latest IT technology and increase its operational efficiency. 

IT systems, internet bookings, and online check-in are just some of the ways that airlines are making travel more convenient for passengers. With Hitit’s technology, Royal Brunei passengers can now enjoy a smoother travel experience from start to finish. Thanks to the new internet booking engine, they can book their flights, check in and select their seats at any time. As a result of these improvements, Royal Brunei passengers can now enjoy a stress-free travel experience.

A Successful Project with a Longstanding Partner

The successful migration of RBA to the new Passenger Service System is a testament to Hitit’s experience and expertise in the airline industry. We are proud to have been able to provide our innovative system that has already resulted in increased efficiency and a more user-friendly interface for both passengers and RBA employees. We look forward to continuing our long-standing relationship with Royal Brunei Airlines and helping them achieve even greater success in the future. Follow us on social media for more updates on how we are transforming air travel with cutting-edge technology!