Looking back on 2022, "long" and “fast” are the words that I would choose to summarize this past year. It was filled with a different dynamism every day, as if it would never end, and at the same time a race against time.  When I look back from the first days of 2023, I see that we were very tired, but we were also very successful. I am not only talking about the Sales and Marketing team that I lead; it was a year in which every Hitit employee worked hard and put in a lot of effort. The result: A technology company that went public, has a presence on six continents and has managed to grow steadily in terms of the number of partners...

We tested our potential

Since its ambitious entry into the airline and travel technologies sector in the late 90’s, Hitit gained recognition immediately, then demonstrated its worth and eventually made an impact. Every phase has served as a powerful testament to the company's capability, and Hitit received full marks in all of them and moved on to the next phase. Rather than following the industry's predetermined objectives, Hitit chose to establish its own high standards and was relentless in reaching them. 2022 was a year in which we raised the bar very high and ran full speed towards the target. Our goals this time were big enough to lead to the transformation of the company, and we managed to achieve them all.

We are in every field of aviation 

Our award-winning passenger service system solutions have a pool of users in nearly 50 countries. Last year, in addition to our PSS solutions, our operational planning, accounting and air cargo solutions all had the opportunity to venture into the market independently and connect with many users. The recent major problems experienced by both passengers and flight crews have once again revealed the importance of operational solutions. I believe that we will serve many different airlines of the world in 2023 with our other solutions as powerful as PSS, and I would like to emphasize that we will be a pioneer in this field as well. 

A driver of strategic growth: Social added value

The company, which has experienced a serious transformation process, especially as a result of being offered to the public, has started to run in a different lane by proving its institutionalization with all its transparency. We introduced Hitit all over the world with the strengthening presence of our investors. I believe that it was our social and sustainability-focused work that enabled us to run without stopping in this exhausting process and that strengthened us mentally. We pursued the values we believe in, such as strengthening the presence of women in aviation and technology, being an exemplary company in the field of gender equality, and the importance of contributing to children and young people in the field of sports. 2022 was a year in which the projects we put forward for the ideals we care about received many awards. The fact that the added value we try to provide to society was rewarded by reputable institutions encouraged us even more. 2023 will be a year in which we will take the offensive in the field of social responsibility.

2023: Full speed ahead

The year 2023, which will mark the 100th anniversary of our Republic and the 29th anniversary of Hitit, is very meaningful for us. We are on the verge of major breakthroughs, and we continue to grow our targets. I have no doubt that all our teams will work in synergy with each other and achieve great success this year. For our country and the whole world, I wish it to be a year in which we will leave behind troubles and run towards success.