During my 18-year tenure at Hitit, we have crossed many a great threshold. We have taken ourselves to the top of the global rankings step by step, often making developments that will inspire the industry. 

The last five years of my role as Chief Technology Officer have been full of both challenges and successes. While realizing digital transformation through our efforts, we also had to face unexpected developments. However, these challenges opened new doors for us. In this process where we rapidly upgraded our technology, we also learned to adapt very quickly to situations that caught us unprepared. We have gone through a period in which we have deservedly earned the adjectives agile and disruptive, by which we define ourselves. 

Nearly 3,200 software developments in 2022

2022 was one of the years in which we experienced digital transformation and made our partners experience it as well. I won't take up your time by going into detail about the developments in our 23 software solutions in our CRANE modules one by one. But if I need to mention briefly, we made nearly 3,200 developments in all our solutions during 2022. 

In addition to Passenger Service Systems (PSS), we made significant improvements especially in Crew, Revenue and Cost accounting, and Business Development Index (BPI) solutions. Our software solutions for Operational Planning and Accounting, which we strengthened with the new capacities required by today's aviation, were thus able to be sold separately as standalone options from PSS software. We carried out a similar effort on our agency portal. We have reached the stage of completing the work and installation of our new Partners who will use our Crane APP software solutions. Thus, we have proven that we can rapidly develop and implement technologies that cover not only airlines but also the travel industry itself. Similarly, we have a new development in the field of Internet Booking Engine (IBE)software. In addition, by integrating artificial intelligence into our solutions, we will realize our ADP and Dynamic Pricing applications that our airline partners are eagerly awaiting. In short, in the coming months, we will witness the launch of many projects that we started in 2022. 

Young talents and experienced developers hand in hand

Not only is the technology in our software solutions agile, but so are our teams. This allows us to seamlessly go through all our processes such as planning, development and testing phases and proceed more smoothly and quickly. We have very experienced and successful engineers in the technology sector, both in aviation and in terms of overall experience. In the past year, we expanded our team with the addition of new talent, having recruited valuable young and visionary minds to Hitit. We have a very successful developer pool where we blend young talents and experienced engineers. The agility of our software development processes is a result of this successful combination – initiative and experience.

I would like to thank all teams, especially the Technology department, for a very productive year in which we demonstrated our power to create quality and fast software solutions in every field. This enthusiastic work pace that develops and grows us further will continue uninterrupted in 2023, so stay tuned for further updates on our latest innovations!