As we come to the end of 2022, I think it would be useful for our expectations for 2023, to talk about what has been done in the air cargo field. We have left behind a year that followed a relatively fluctuating course and performed slightly below the rise in 2021. Some unforeseen international events caused a slight decline in the air cargo industry, but if there is one lesson we have learned from the past, it is that air cargo is now an integral part of aviation and a profitable business area that airlines must enter. Why? 

Let's take a short journey back in time.

As the pandemic struck in early 2020, air travel was brought to a screeching halt when the world's borders closed, and airline companies had to grapple with hundreds of billions of dollars less in revenue. The industry lost up to 190 billion dollars in 2020 and 2021 combined, but cargo transportation managed to pick up some of the slack. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the air cargo industry took a massive jolt as suddenly, the system designed to predominantly operate in conjunction with passenger flights was facing unexpected complexities. However, air cargo demand rebounded strongly and with the support of an increasing air cargo yield (unit price per kg) by 3-5 times on average, the revenue generated by cargo transportation managed to increase significantly throughout this unprecedented time. Ultimately Hitit, a global pioneer in airline and cargo technology, demonstrated its innovative power and adapted well to these difficult circumstances.

From Passengers to Cargo: How COVID-19 Transformed Air Travel

As Hitit, we have been at the forefront of technological innovation to support airlines turning to cargo-only flights in the wake of reducing normal operations due to COVID-19. Cargo revenue was key to providing the much-needed cash flow for airlines around the world. It's no surprise that the share of cargo revenue to total airline revenue has more than tripled from an IATA average of 12% pre-COVID up to 35%. Passenger planes started to fly without passengers, and in addition to the general cargo and goods, masks, gloves, and other necessary medical and hygiene materials were transported first class! 

The perception of cargo transportation dramatically improved during this period and showed the industry that air cargo is just as important as passenger income, giving it a more prominent spot and opening up many possibilities. By allowing air cargo to stake its claim as an independent product with strong potential, it has gone from being treated as a by-product to almost becoming a star.

Finally, a true digitized air cargo solution

Hitit has enabled air cargo carriers to provide true automated business transaction flows and gain stronger control over their daily operations. Digitization of cargo processes will help to streamline operations and improve collaboration across supply chains. Hitit’s cargo solutions can also give customers direct access to cargo status updates, shipment tracking information and real-time notifications. This means that customers have more control over the entire shipment process, allowing them to remain informed throughout the entire journey. Hitit is providing today's air cargo industry with the ability to open its borders digitally and improve the user experience in many aspects. Digital transformation is reshaping global logistics networks into a more digital operational ecosystem – an ecosystem that promises increased organizational efficiency and improved customer engagement. As digital transformation evolves, Hitit will continue to be a leading force in the future of Air Cargo by creating powerful technology solutions that are simple and scalable for regulatory compliance as well as for agility in service delivery.

Smart and high-end air cargo solutions from Hitit!

Hitit brings a unique offering to the market with its air cargo solutions that are tailored to help airline companies, cargo handling companies, and general cargo sales agents manage their commercial and operational functions with next-generation technology. We chose the name CRANE for our brand – a bird species that flies all over the world - to reflect our mission of bringing technology everywhere. Hitit is ready for the digitalization needed to support our customers on a global scale, ensuring they have access to streamlined, high-quality solutions.

Hitit is an IATA Strategic Partnership Cargo Board member and follows IATA StB Cargo standards. Hitit's solutions are specifically designed to be compatible with relevant systems, ensuring users access the best service with maximum performance and scalability features along with a user-friendly interface. By utilizing Hitit's state-of-the-art technology and services, all our partners can benefit from Hitit's cutting edge solutions and enjoy reliable air cargo transportation. In order to learn more about how Hitit can help your airline grow and succeed with custom cargo solutions, please contact [email protected]