The success of an organization is often determined by its ability to recognize evolving customer needs and develop innovative products, services or technologies to meet those changes. At Hitit, we understand the importance of transformation and are always looking for ways to ensure our customers, that we call our Partners, get the best technology solutions for their unique business requirements. To make this a reality, we employ a comprehensive innovation strategy that includes a strong focus on developing and building supportive communities as well as making significant investment in our human capital. In this blog post, I'll explore how these initiatives work together within our organizational structure—from our unique community governance model to HR practices—to drive long-term success at Hitit.

From Turkish Airlines to Hitit: a journey through time and technology

This year, I was honored to commemorate my 30 years in the aviation industry while working at Hitit since 2013 and being the Chief Product Strategy Officer of the company since 2018. As a female engineer, I am truly proud of my accomplishments and remain incredibly passionate about aviation. It all began back in ’92 when I started my career at Turkish Airlines. 30 years in such a dynamic and breathtaking industry takes you beyond mere appreciation though; once aviation gets into your blood, it sticks there forever! I mentioned my 30 years of professional history, both in the airline and technology side, to show from different perspectives how necessary and important innovation is in our industry. I have worked both in front of and behind the scenes, which gives me the opportunity to make a comprehensive assessment about the innovation.   

Combining technology with experience, intelligence and knowledge 

Hitit understands completely the importance of innovation when it comes to staying on top of the game. The Hitit team brings together technical and aviation professionals with young and talented engineers and developers, combining creative dynamic ideas that generate successful endeavors. This combination of experience, intelligence, knowledge, and technology allows Hitit to stay ahead of the competition. Innovation is key at Hitit!

Hitit has always prided itself on staying ahead of the curve when it comes to solutions development. Our Community Governance Policy helps ensure that our solutions not only remain up-to-date with industry trends, but also meet ever-evolving regulatory standards. We actively communicate with our partners and invest budgeted resources into developing solutions based on their ideas. Hitit’s comprehensive approach to product development ensures that no stone is left unturned when bringing powerful software solutions to market.

Here at Hitit, we work with airlines of all sizes - from start-ups with just a few planes, to flag-carrier airlines with hundreds of aircraft.  Usually, people don't want their ideas to be known by others, but to be honest, every person has the capacity to create a brilliant idea, regardless of the size of their business organization. It goes to show that when it comes to innovation and creativity size doesn't matter. Hitit is well placed to assess ideas objectively and find the right solution for any Partner - no matter their size.  We have years of experience under our belt which allows us to make sound decisions about investments and priorities when faced with new innovative concepts.

The importance of technology in the aviation industry

Technology has been a pillar of support for the aviation industry. HES Code application is, perhaps, one of the clearest examples of this. Developed in just 18 days during the Covid pandemic period to re-activate domestic routes when many planes had been grounded, HES code adaptation and development work was nothing short of remarkable. This helps demonstrate how the aviation industry is leaning on technology to move forward through such testing times - fast becoming an 'essential' rather than an accessory tool.
We look to optimize our processes and use artificial intelligence in order to drive change. Just to give another example, sometimes bad weather conditions can result in unpredictable situations and chaos when it comes to organizing airport operations. As Hitit, we aim to tackle this problem with artificial intelligence and our optimization technology. We use AI-backed solutions to process variable data that is related to airport operations more accurately and efficiently than ever before. Hitit's solutions can easily help users understand disrupted flows due to weather phenomena and work together towards a safe and timely resolution, such as diverting dozens of flights to different airports - making the sky a safer place!

Relentless effort to stay ahead of the curve 

Hitit is a company that believes innovation should be focused on creating value for society and not just making money or benefiting oneself. We live this principle by helping our Partners use technology to solve their most pressing problems and striving to meet our highest standards in every project we undertake. We understand that society is constantly changing and Hitit works hard to stay ahead of the curve in order to provide better solutions for those around us. Hitit goes beyond simply providing innovative solutions - we strive to change the world by improved efficiency, enabling access to resources, and creating new possibilities for success!