Himalaya Airlines has begun using Hitit’s Crane Solutions. The Nepalese airline completed its digital transformation after reaching an agreement with Hitit and resumed its flights seamlessly. Himalaya Airlines has realized an effective, comprehensive digital transformation with Hitit – not only in passenger services, but also in accounting functionality. Working in partnership with Himalaya Airlines, Hitit continues to expand its operational network both in Nepal and throughout the Asian Continent.

04 January 2023 / Istanbul – Kathmandu -- Himalaya Airlines, a Nepalese legacy airline, chose Hitit to help it undergo its digital transformation. Hitit was Himalaya Airlines’ preferred choice to strengthen its technological infrastructure. Himalaya Airlines is now using Hitit's comprehensive passenger service systems as well as its accounting and award-winning Business Performance Index (BPI) solution. Himalaya Airlines, which resumed its operations after a short and smooth system migration, continues its operations in a completely seamless and integrated manner.

Nevra Onursal Karaağaç, CMO at Hitit, said, regarding Himalaya Airlines resuming its flight operations: "Hitit continues to expand its footprint in Nepal. We are very happy to start working with Himalaya Airlines. It is gratifying to see that our technological capabilities as well as our customer-oriented approach are appreciated. We are very excited to support Himalaya Airlines and look forward to broadening our new collaboration.”

Two Nepalese airlines in just 1 year

Underlining that Himalayan Airlines is their second partner airline in Nepal, Karaağaç said: “It is a remarkable achievement for us to partner with both Himalaya Airlines and Nepal Airlines in just one year. Hitit has been growing and expanding its footsteps in Asia, particularly in the last four years. Hitit serves many Asian airlines, start-ups, hybrids and legacy. This shows not only Hitit's expansion but also the service capacity and the favorability of Hitit's Crane solutions regardless of the type and tier of airlines.”