Hitit, the world's leading aviation technology company, and TAZI, which is a fast-growing Artificial Intelligence (AI) SaaS company, signed an OEM agreement. The OEM agreement will enable Hitit to have an Adaptive Machine Learning (ML)-based solution within their core application solution called Crane, by utilizing TAZI Platform’s strong capabilities.

Hitit, the world's leading airline and travel IT provider, and TAZI, which provides adaptive ML solutions, have joined forces. Hitit and TAZI AI aim to contribute positively to airlines and other transportation companies by creating innovative solutions.

Within this framework, the two companies signed an agreement to make aviation technologies more digitalized with artificial intelligence. This cooperation, which is a response to the uncertainty that the travel industry has faced in recent years, especially with the impact of the pandemic, aims to contribute to the transformation of the industry with artificial intelligence.

Hitit and TAZI will integrate adaptive ML models into Hitit's Crane branded solutions. Crane solution’s technological capacity will improve with TAZI’s easy-to-use and actionable platform resulting in a decrease in Hitit's partner airlines' operational costs and an increase in their revenue.

Nur Gökman, Chairwoman of the Board and CEO at Hitit, said: "Hitit has started to integrate artificial intelligence into its software solutions in recent years. With the TAZI cooperation, we are diversifying the AI-based applications that we have started to use in the operational functioning of airlines, such as crew assignment and tariff planning. We will also use artificial intelligence in the areas of pricing and dynamic pricing of additional services. By further increasing our investments in this area in the coming period, we aim to strengthen the technological capacity of our software solutions and contribute to the development of the industry and our airline partners."

TAZI AI’s Chief Executive Officer Zehra Cataltepe added: “The thing I'm most excited about is, together with Hitit, we now have the power of delivering value to the aviation industry. I believe this collaboration will nurture both Hitit’s and our expertise in the future.”