Istanbul, Turkey – 7 May 2021 – Hitit has been a digital collaboration partner of the Enhanced Partner Identification and Connectivity (EPIC) platform which was launched by The International Air Transport Association (IATA). As the latest trailblazer project in the industry, the IATA EPIC platform aims to meet air cargo players' needs digitally. The platform realizes IATA's goal to make air cargo simpler, safer, and smarter by gathering together all the stakeholders within the supply chain. With its modern turn-key cargo solutions, Hitit was one of the first IT providers to integrate the IATA EPIC platform in this project.

imageHitit, one of the top 3 global airline and travel IT solution providers in the world, was one of the first airline IT provider companies to enter the IATA EPIC platform. EPIC is the IATA's latest air cargo initiative to facilitate and speed up air cargo players' connections in the supply chain. This centralized platform has been required for a long time due to the air cargo business’s need to become more agile and provide innovative solutions and services. In addition, the pandemic has forcibly transformed the digitalization of air cargo processes from a requirement to an obligation.

Atilla Lise, Head of Air Cargo & Innovative Solutions at Hitit, said: “For more than 25 years, Hitit has established itself as a trustworthy player among its counterparts in the global PSS marketplace with not only its solutions and services but also its visionary steps in the crossing point of aviation and technology. As well as airline IT solutions, we have been developing new-generation, turn-key, and web-based solutions to digitalize the complex air cargo supply chain. Hitit has always designed and upgraded its Crane Cargo solutions in line with industry standards and initiatives. EPIC is a simple, smart, and easily accessible project in the air cargo world which has needed a centralized view during this global pandemic. As one of the most pioneering technology companies in the industry, Hitit has already integrated with the EPIC project to serve its partner airlines and all sector players for air cargo's global digitalization process.”

“IATA EPIC is a global platform that centrally maintains air cargo stakeholders’ identification information needed to do business across a digitized air cargo supply chain. Integration of EPIC with Cargo management systems like Hitit will accelerate efficiency gains for air cargo by instantly connecting with business partners to share their identification through the most practicable method. COVID-19 has seen exponential growth of e-commerce, and the cargo industry is demanding quality services that only a digitized supply chain can provide,” said Frédéric Leger, Director APCS Products & Services and President of CNS, IATA.