Tbilisi Airways, Hitit's airline Partner, has just launched its operations with Hitit's Crane solutions suite. Georgia's youngest airline started operating its flights by integrating Crane-branded reservation, internet search engine, departure control system and weight & balance module software into its systems.

25 May 2023 / TBILISI-ISTANBUL- Established in 2022, Tbilisi Airways, which made a significant entrance to the market with its domestic and international flights, has completed its system integration and started its operations. Integrating Hitit's passenger service systems solutions into its own systems, Tbilisi Airways has become the newest part of Hitit's expansion network in Asia.

Nevra Onursal Karaağaç, Hitit's CMO, expressed her happiness about Tbilisi Airways joining Hitit – saying about their partnership: "Hitit is gradually enriching its Partner ecosystem with new members. Georgia wasn’t a country we have worked with before. Our cooperation became concrete when Tbilisi Airways started its operations after the system migration. Georgia's biggest trade partner is Turkiye. We are very pleased to start exporting high value-added technology to Georgia, where Turkiye has mainly exported only goods. I am sure that Tbilisi Airways will gain the momentum it wants in both the Georgian and – especially – Asian markets, thanks to our hi-tech, flexible and agile software solutions."