Hitit, the world's leading airline and travel solutions provider with its award-winning passenger service systems, operation, and accounting solutions, has started to provide its Crane Reservation & Cargo Services solution to Turkmenistan Airlines.
Turkmenistan Airlines has been using Hitit's passenger service systems since 2016. In the post-pandemic period, the airline had an opportunity to diversify its operations with Hitit's cargo solutions.
Hitit's Crane-branded cargo solutions, which were launched in the last quarter of 2019, saw a significant increase worldwide during the pandemic when passenger transportation was not possible.

May 31, 2022 / ISTANBUL-ASHGABAT With its cargo solutions as well aviation information technology such as the award-winning passenger service systems, operational services, and accounting solutions, the world's leading company Hitit continues to grow. Turkmenistan Airlines has recently started to use the Crane Reservation & Cargo Services (Crane CGO) solution from Hitit. Turkmenistan Airlines, the national airline of Turkmenistan, has been working with Hitit in the field of passenger service systems since 2016. Having diversified its long-term cooperation with Hitit, the airline will also use the Hitit Crane CGO solution for all cargo processes.

Hitit serves 57 different airline and travel sector companies around the world and Crane CGO is prepared with the latest technology by the air cargo expert team from Hitit. Crane CGO, which best compensates for the deficiencies and problems in the current cargo transportation process, is a solution that can be easily used by the entire ecosystem in the supply chain.

Airlines tend to expand their range of services

Speaking on the subject, Atilla Lise, Chief Transportation Solutions Officer at Hitit, said: "We are happy to offer the industry the most comprehensive and complete solution for air cargo operations with our Crane CGO solution. The importance of air cargo operations has increased considerably, especially during the pandemic. For airlines, the cargo solution has ceased to be a secondary solution and has begun to be accepted as a solution as important as the passenger one since cargo stands out as a very important revenue generator for airline companies, especially in fragile and difficult times. Our Crane Domestic Cargo Services (Crane DOM) solution, which is our other solution within Hitit’s cargo solutions framework, has also been very popular during this period. Similar interest continues to increase in the post-pandemic period for our Crane CGO. After Covid-19, which acts as a litmus for the aviation industry, we see that airline companies tend to expand their service range against the risks that may be encountered. Air cargo is one of the new areas that airline companies can adapt to and integrate into their processes in the fastest way. For this reason, we believe Crane Cargo solutions produced by the latest technology from Hitit’s expert team to make a splash in the air cargo industry.”