In the “Best Team to Join” survey organized by the Sales Network platform, Hitit is selected as "Best Team to Join" – as determined by the student and professional vote. Hitit, which entered the voting in the Category – Technology, left many prominent brands behind and was a favorite company in the technology category.

9 May  2023 / ISTANBUL – Hitit, a leading airline and travel IT company worldwide, was once again recognized as “Best Team to Join” company in the technology category. In the Sales Network Awards, organized for the fifth time this year, Hitit received the silver award in the "Technology business partner contributing to the digitalization of sales" category. Hitit was also among the companies that took the lead in the "Best Team to Join" category. 

As a “Best Team to Join” company, Hitit is attracting attention with its successful financial statements and HR policies – taken in conjunction with the growth in Hitit’s partner ecosystem, which increased significantly during the pandemic.

Figen Dönder, Hitit CHRO, stated that Turkiye is experiencing a massive talent loss in the technology area, and that engineering faculty graduates are among the young people we have lost in Türkiye due to the “brain drain”. Hitit differentiates itself from other companies in the sector with its work culture and human resources practices. Stating that it is an important achievement for Hitit to be one of the “Best Team to Join”, in the Sales Network platform, where more than 100 national and international corporate brands are represented, Dönder said: 

"According to Linkedin data, the average seniority of the top 10 software companies on the BT500 list is 3.1 years, while this figure is 4.5 years at Hitit, despite the recent recruitment of many young talented people. When we look at mid-senior level managers, we see that the average Hitit seniority is 9.6 years, more than triple the industry average. This shows that Hitit is a company that can consistently respond to the reality of employee mobility in the technology industry. This situation, which is a positive outcome of Hitit's HR policies, is a result of the bond of heart that our employees have established with Hitit. We are a Team – a family – here at Hitit." 

Pointing out that human resources are one of the most important dynamics behind Hitit's success, Dönder said, "We value our engineers, and we are constantly working to create an environment where our employees can feel safe in every sense with our wellbeing practices. These practices include financial flexibility and activities that can increase company loyalty, as well as our flexible working practices. Our belief in the spirit of teamwork and unity is one of the biggest factors in our becoming a leading company in its field with more than 400 employees... At Hitit, management and non-executive employees are not treated differently. We work  – together –  as a single team that works towards the same goal as a whole, which believes in Hitit’s vision and mission."