Dear members of the Hitit community,

We very much appreciate you following our activities via the Hitit talks platform. As you will have seen from our event participation, sponsorships, press activities, interviews...etc, we have been demonstrating Hitit’s agile and end-to-end technology. Through these various activities, we have also grown and enhanced the Hitit community. We have shown that our technology is capable of leading IT infrastructure of LCCs, hybrid and legacy airlines. Our partnership agreement with Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has been a remarkable example of how Hitit’s experience and expertise can embrace all industry players. PIA has been wanting to implement a new and dynamic process, and through this partnership PIA will manage its operations with Hitit‘s passenger service solutions, operational planning and accounting systems. Many visionary, profitable and innovative changes are coming for PIA as they have wanted to break the status quo and elevate their business. Choosing Hitit as their new IT partner has reinforced the message that PIA intends on making a dynamic transformation to its IT systems. We are enormously proud to be part of this change and we take this responsibility very seriously.



We are delighted to report that the usage of Crane solutions has also continued to expand among its current partners, with some of our PSS partners adopting our operation planning and accounting solutions. Alongside the family of Crane solution products and the on-demand business consultancy services, Hitit provides services for the entire business-cycle of airlines.

However, it should always be kept in mind that even the most advanced and sophisticated technology would be useless without a human touch. At Hitit, innovation goes hand-in-hand with personal relationships, because we are not only your IT partner, we are your team!

We’ll keep you updated, stay with us!