Dear members of Hitit community,

This issue has a special meaning for us. We have reached our 25th anniversary milestone, and it is a great honour to share this with you. This is a new era for Hitit and the aviation industry. Looking back to 1994 when Hitit was established, the standards in aviation were very different than many millennials could have ever imagined. Passengers had to book flights by calling the airline as the internet was just emerging, there were no electronic tickets, and the passengers could smoke in designated areas of the planes during flights.



From those days to these, things have changed a lot and Hitit is proud to be one of the game-changers in this fast-moving industry. Heraclitus, one of the most famous Greek philosophers, said: “the only thing that never changes is change itself”. So, we are confident that over the next 25 years we will be at the forefront of more changes and we are looking forward to the future.

Heraclitus has another well-known quote: “You cannot step into the same river twice.”. However, this is one we don’t follow as we believe you can fly in the same sky many times! And even more than just flying, we believe in the flying experience. We believe passengers should enjoy more comfort, better technology, more entertainment, better value for money, and more accessible and personalized options. This has been the real spirit of our existence for 25 years: enhancing air travel for passengers of the future. With this in mind, we have revised our corporate identity on our 25th anniversary. We modernized our logo and created a new slogan which reflects completely Hitit’s approach to the aviation industry and its partnerships: ONE SKY. ONE PARTNER.

Our new slogan and logo were introduced at the annual Hitit Partner’s Event organized between 12-14 June. We were delighted by the enthusiasm and the reactions we received from our partners. For instance, the testimonial of Janar Jailauova, the Sales and Marketing Director of FlyArystan, was a validation that we have been focusing on the same goals as our partners. She said: “We see this partnership as a marriage, we see our customers as our children, it is a mother and father; it is an airline and a PSS. We must ensure that our children are happy. This is how we see it. We needed to get the right partner to make sure our customers are happy, and we have finally found that partner.”

Hearing those words from a new partner airline reminds us that we’re a big family. We have been supporting our family members throughout their journey because there is only ONE SKY and we are ONE PARTNER!