2023, HititWe are approaching the end of an important year and a fast-paced quarter. We left behind important developments in Turkiye and in the world, on both an individual and sectoral scale. While trying to heal our wounds after the pandemic, we have taken important steps to ensure that the sector and our companies are not fragile. For Hitit, after the first shock wave, the pandemic turned into an opportunity to spread Crane technology to the world. Our business partners increased, we enriched our software solutions in terms of content and our business partners increased even more. We pursued opportunities in new areas. We strengthened our cargo solution, and we encouraged our partners to engage in cargo transportation as well as passenger transportation; we wanted to offer them not only technology but also a vision. We breathed new life into the industry with our unique one-stop shop approach where we offer all our solutions from a single point.
We reached 6 continents... We grew with our partners and in order to grow even more with our investors, we were listed on the stock exchange. We left a mark in the sector that cannot be ignored with the magnificent Hitit Partner's Event where we had the chance to meet our partners face to face after a three-year break. 
In a nutshell, 2022 was a fruitful year for Hitit and Hitit's partners and such good developments also bring hope. The bar for 2023 is now much higher.... As Hitit, we will continue to work harder to offer our business partners the best in technology and customer service.
We wish all our partners a happy new year.