Throughout 2023, we have been steadfast in our commitment to making a positive impact on both our industry and society. We've achieved this through forming partnerships, earning accolades, and embarking on social responsibility projects with a strong emphasis on sustainability. But there's even more exciting news in the pipeline.

Amidst all these remarkable developments, we're diligently working to enhance our services through our cloud and research and development initiatives. Engagements and pilot projects are underway with various cloud providers as we strive to create a "multi-cloud" architecture, enabling seamless operation across multiple cloud systems.

Moreover, we've reached a significant milestone in the planned phases of our offer and order management system which is poised to play a crucial complementary role alongside PSS in the global market in the near to medium-term future. The first phase is completed, and the second phase is currently in progress with IATA's approval.

At Hitit, we want to reiterate our unwavering commitment to empowering your airline's future and encourage you to stay updated on the most recent developments.