During the first quarter of 2017, Hitit conducted a customer satisfaction survey. Its goal was to collect customer feedback, reveal advantages and evaluate customer recommendations for further service improvements. As a result, Hitit received a high rating in customer satisfaction, confirming to our motto ‘Your Team’ is not just a phrase, but a call to action. Hitit continues to bring more experience to its team, with the appointment of Emir Esici (Gulf Air, Saudi Arabian Airlines and Qatar Airways) and Elvan Guler  (Gulf Air and Etihad Airways) were appointed to manage Hitit’s customer care department.



Elvan Guler:

I feel very proud of being a member of Hitit’s expanding family and also very excited to put my 12 years of aviation experience in action on the reverse side. As an ex-airliner, I do know what an airline needs and will make sure their needs are being fulfilled and supported by our team at Hitit.

Emir Esici:

By joining Hitit team in March 2017, my aviation career has taken a new turn. At this stage, following Hitit’s motto “Your Team”, will be my priority to approach our partners to offer the most appropriate support within the perspective of technological age we live in.