Hitit’s journey began with a loyalty solution and it was this solution that elevated Hitit to the number 1 position in the marketplace, in the early 2000’s. With this in mind we feel confident to say that Hitit really understands how airlines can transform a traveler to a loyal passenger, and the state-of-the-art technology behind it. This knowledge enabled us to generate new Crane members in 2013, and both Crane LL (Loyalty Layer) and Crane CCL (Customer Care Layer) were established by Hitit engineers as an integrated part of Hitit’s PSS suite.



Crane LL is an end-to-end frequent flyer solution which brings rich functionality, high technology and cost-effectiveness, but most importantly a CRM tool that enables the airlines to have one-to-one contact with their members and produce targeted campaigns. Crane CCL is another customer-centric solution which is a widespread, web-based customer contact and relationship management center.

With our long-standing experience of customer loyalty, we know how CRM capabilities can transform customer relations into very powerful marketing tools, to improve services as well as brand value. Moreover, communication can be the decisive factor that makes the airline stand out in a packed competitive landscape. Therefore, in light of this knowledge and sectoral insights Hitit has launched its new loyalty solution: Crane Communication Manager. Crane CM provides a unique opportunity for airlines to use their data intelligently via e-mails, SSM’s and social media accounts. 

Creating new CRM channels to reach out to customers is priceless, in addition with Crane CM, airlines can use their stored data and begin to take control of it, leveraging how they use it to generate revenue. If you want to learn more about data accessibility in the airline industry, you can read our white paper at: