Dear Hitit Community,

We hope you're doing well and are excited to share some incredible news with you. As a valued member of the Hitit community, we believe you're already following us on social media, but we wanted to provide a quick update to refresh your memory. The pace at which Hitit is progressing and achieving new milestones can sometimes be overwhelming.

Building upon our successful 2022, we have developed new strategies and advanced technologies, thanks to the strong foundation we inherited. While our previous year's success makes our job easier, our dedicated Hitit team from sales to technology, product strategy to infrastructure, is already ready to give more to the industry. Because Hitit is now a big family with 67 business partners and countless footprints in 46 countries and six continents. Please don't let the term "footprint" make you think in a negative way, because this is all about green footprint😊 Our Crane.CA solution also incorporates carbon emission monitoring and optimization functionalities, designed in accordance with the Carbon Offsetting and Reduction guidelines for International Aviation as outlined by ICAO. This demonstrates our unwavering commitment to sustainability, innovation, and social responsibility – in equal measure – throughout our solution and social project production processes.

We have completed half the year already, and the exciting news is that the other half is yet to unfold. We can hardly contain our excitement at the upcoming events, where we will have the pleasure of connecting with industry professionals. During the first half of 2023, we had the privilege of hosting prestigious events in beautiful Istanbul, and now we are preparing to venture to other remarkable destinations to meet you in person. Join us in Bangkok for the Civil Aviation SEA Summit, London for T2RL Engage, and Lisbon for the World Aviation Festival. And remember, these are just the beginning. The rest of the year will bring even more opportunities to meet the Hitit Team.

Please read on and enjoy "Hitit Talks" for the developments of the past quarter at Hitit. See you in October...!