Hitit, Partner, Air InuitHitit, has formed a game-changing partnership with Air Inuit, an essential lifeline for Quebec's Province’s Nunavik region for 45 years. With Hitit's acclaimed Crane solutions now making their mark in the Canadian aviation market, Air Inuit, renowned for its steadfast commitment to excellence, has selected Hitit for its passenger service systems and accounting needs. This strategic alliance signifies a pivotal moment for both companies as they collaborate to elevate Canada's aviation landscape to the next level – service being key. 

We also feel very fortunate for the proud words of Mr. Christian Busch, President & CEO of Air Inuit. We recall his statement about Hitit’s partnership once again: “Innovation marks one of Air Inuit’s strengths, and we are pleased today to embark on a journey that will lead us towards new heights  –  with a powerful technological airline solution delivered by Hitit.”