We are proud to share that Hitit was selected as the winner in four categories from two different award contests. Hitit received two awards from the international business magazine ''Industry Insight Monthly'': the 2017 Aviation, Aerospace & Defence Awards went to Hitit in two categories: ''Best for Aviation Business IT Solutions Eastern Europe'' and ''Best Commercial Airline Reporting System'' for Crane BPI (Business Performance Index). The other awards came from the 12th Annual ACQ5 Global Awards, organized by Acquisition Finance Magazine. Hitit was recognized as the ''International Niche Technology Company of the Year'' in the Aviation Category and Hitit’s CEO Mrs Nur Gokman was announced as ''Gamechanger of the Year''.



These awards are the result of 24 years hard work and the recognition as a well-known aviation and travel IT company. Being an industry influencer is a big responsibility, that's why Hitit continues to develop new smart solutions, which have a positive impact and aim to solve the difficulties aviation professionals face every day. This recognition is encouraging us to expand our solution suite and keep boosting the evolution of the aviation industry on a global scale.