Hitit, 2023, financial, resultsHitit, a publicly traded company boasting a vast ecosystem of tens of thousands of investors, concluded the year 2023 on a high note. Utilizing the funds from its investors, Hitit does not just invest in its own future but also in the future prosperity of its partners. Adopting a visionary stance and community governance ethos, Hitit is firmly committed to this approach even after going public. Channelling investor funds into strengthening its technology, Hitit continues its mutual growth cycle, expanding its user network and strengthening its position in the market. Hitit saw a remarkable 36% increase in revenues, soaring from US$18.8 million to US$25.6 million. In 2023, Hitit achieved an EBITDA margin of 40% and a net profit margin of 23%. A significant portion of Hitit’s revenue, 79%, came from foreign currency, while 21% was in TL.  –  Adding 12 new partners to its portfolio last year, Hitit now serves a total of 73 partners, leading to a 42% increase in passengers processed.