Our passion about the travel industry… Living away from home most of the time… Long haul flights… Experiencing different cultures… There are many frequent travelers among us. Yet, are we really taking advantage of all the benefits we can get? Does being part of the travel industry help with that? We think it should, making it easier to bear the down-sides and making use of everything we can! We’ve put together a list of tips with the help of our seasoned expert Mahir Sahin and his Loyalty & Customer Experience team; for you to better utilize Loyalty Programs in order to maximize your benefits.



1. Do not hesitate to provide more information about yourself to get better deals. Of course, this goes hand in hand with trusting the company not to share your information.

2. Stay up to date with hot deals and don’t forget to earn miles on your purchases.

3. Sign up to as many loyalty programs as possible! Don’t let your purchase goes free without gaining anything. There are programs that will help transfer your earnings. Even if your earnings expire it’s worth your time to enroll to all of them.



4. Do not use Co-Brand credit cards unless you can’t pay them off regularly. Calculate whether the interest, annual fee and commission is worth your earnings before enrolling for a credit card.

5. Be consistent on the loyalty program what works best for you to gain accumulating miles!


Loyalty & Customer Experience team of Hitit.