One of the highlights of 2019 for Hitit has been entering into the new business line of air cargo. 2003 was the first breakthrough year for Hitit, when the company started to develop the core airline solutions and offer a comprehensive one-stop-shop airline management suite. In 2019, Hitit has made another breakthrough, a big revolution for the company as we have built a new department hiring successful professionals, who have incredible experiences in the air cargo business. As the Head of Air Cargo and Logistics Solutions, Atilla Lise is a new member of the Hitit team. Let’s take a look at Mr. Lise’s background and his goals for the future of our new business line.



Graduated from Bogazici University, Istanbul in 1987 as a Computer Engineer, Atilla began his career in Turkish Airlines and worked as an IT Manager until 2000. He continued his work in Turkish Airlines as the Head of Turkish Airlines Cargo and was responsible for all Turkish Airlines Cargo operations including marketing, sales, network management, capacity planning, cargo pricing, revenue management, and cargo fleet development before getting promoted to Senior Vice President. In October 2018 Mr. Lise joined Hitit as the Head of Air Cargo & Logistics Solutions, bringing with him thirty plus years of experience in airline management, IT technologies, air cargo & logistics industry. In addition to holding an MBA, he also holds a PPL (Private Pilot License) Certification.

Delivering For Tomorrow – Customer Needs in 2020 and Beyond

“I joined the Hitit team in November 2018 after a long career at Turkish Airlines. Hitit is a very well-known hi-tech software company and a leading airline and travel IT provider in the aviation industry. As we know, airlines generate revenue by selling pax seats and cargo capacity to customers and companies. Passenger and cargo products are the main revenue generators of the airline. In order to give a full service to our partners, parallel with the one-stop-shop concept, we initiated a new project Crane CARGO. The main purpose behind introducing the cargo project to the aviation industry is to satisfy industry needs and requirements. Air cargo players are no longer satisfied with the current conditions, as their needs and expectations have changed. Clients expect a faster, more flexible and transparent service for their cargo shipments. The Air Cargo Industry is becoming more client-centric through digitalization and this is a key enabler for the development of new innovative services and solutions. Therefore, we are developing the cargo solution which is compliant with IATA StB Cargo initiatives (Simplifying the Business of Cargo) making air cargo easier, smarter and faster. Smart IT solutions are the key nowadays to ensuring the efficiency of logistic chains and data quality. Hitit’s Crane Cargo solutions are built to address the challenges of the modern Cargo industry. I am very confident that our Crane Cargo solution will open a new page in Hitit’s product portfolio, maximize customer experience, and create instant revenue.”