As of the previous issue, we have started to introduce our CxO’s whose positions were realigned with our new organizational structure. In this issue, we would like to introduce you to our new Chief Sales & Marketing Officer Nevra Onursal Karaagac. Nevra has worked at Hitit for many years in a variety of different positions, Brand Manager, Creative Director and Marketing Director. She was promoted to CMO in early 2018 and in less than a year she has built significant partnerships and led marketing projects, which we shared with you in previous communications.




Nevra graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a BA in Communication Design and graduated with a Master’s in Interaction Design, at Domus Academy, Milan. She began her career in the Creative Group in Pittsburgh and continued her professional life at Leo Burnett in Istanbul. She joined Hitit as Creative Director 12 years ago. She is married with two children.

Our position is strengthened with a combination of sales and marketing

Responding to her appointment, Nevra stated “As a leading airline and travel IT provider in the aviation industry, Hitit has always found the most successful and effective ways. We have proved ourselves by creating the most frequently used loyalty solution in the industry. However, Hitit’s capabilities are not limited to only one area of software systems, over the years Hitit has strengthen its position in the market. In parallel to the explosive growth in the loyalty arena, Hitit has also been developing core airline solutions and accomplishing great things in the field of passenger service systems, operation planning and accounting. At the beginning of 2018 we refocused our sales and marketing view and developed a holistic way to meet the high expectations of airlines. We follow the trends in the industry, listen to the needs of our partners and work hand in hand with other departments. I’m sure that our new approach to sales and marketing will open up many more opportunities for us.”