Hitit continues to provide new-tech solutions, tools, and channels to enrich the travel industry. Hitit has begun to strengthen its Crane Agent Portal Plus solution with a redesigned look and feel with additional features. New elements have been added to provide seamless and cost-efficient sales opportunities for airlines, travel agencies and passengers. Crane.APP is currently available only in Pakistan; however, making the portal available in all the other countries of our partner airlines is our goal for the near future.



Hitit places an enormous emphasis on making air travel easier with its smart and new-tech solutions and services. After signing the technology partnership agreement with Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), Hitit has led the way in creating the digital transformation of the flag carrier, in record-breaking time. This valuable cooperation was followed by the opening of Hitit’s Liaison Office in Karachi, which was the result of observations made by Hitit of the lack of a comprehensive approach in the Pakistani travel market.

Following this experience, Hitit introduced the new version of the Crane Agent Portal Plus (Crane.APP) This new platform is designed to deliver the best experience for Travel Agency Users. Crane.APP accelerates the cooperation between travel agencies and PIA, providing added value and cost-efficient services for both, as well as the valued passengers. The Crane.APP provides significant benefits such as access to comprehensive fares, enrolling for training and become a certified trainer, creating bookings in a just few steps, participating in contests, and winning amazing prizes.

The new version of Crane.APP will be used by more than 2,000 travel agencies in Pakistan. In addition to the various new benefits, Crane.APP brings travel agencies together as members of the special community recognized in the travel industry. With its continuous enhancement cycle, Crane.APP is a unique turning-point platform for the Travel Industry in Pakistan.

After the upgraded version of Crane.APP came into service, Pakistani travel agencies began training in December 2019. For the first part of the certification program; reservation and ticketing staff users and main admin users from 40 travel agencies received training on the details of the Crane.APP, which provides seamless and cost-efficient sales opportunities. The five-day Training and Certification Program includes a 3-day post-training session for agency admins and a 2-day session for agency users. On completion of this certification program, the participants will be fully competent in the Crane.APP system for all reservation management and creation processes, PNR, ticketing, payment options, invoice management, sales reports and more. The program finished with a certification ceremony, with 40 participants receiving their certifications.