As we all are aware now, that things go fast. Actually too fast we can’t even easily understand what is going on. Business' is no exception. The whole reason behind is that people (or we should call consumers) expect to see “different”, “fresher”, “more exciting” products and/or brands. 



As we adapt ourselves to this fast society, so do our own products & brands. 

That is the reason behind the rebranding of Crane. 

Hitit Computer Services, flagship product brand Crane, has transformed to its new identity this year on May. This change may look as an aesthatical make up but its far more than this. 

The shift / rebranding is not only just a logo change but it shows the future agenda, wisdom and adaptation capability of Hitit managers followed by cultural switches. 

After numerous meetings, brand essence workshops, presentations Crane is now ready for future flights. The logo bird with an elegant look, a unique coloring and positive posture is the first identity element to be seen. Some other elements you might have seen (key visuals, logo variations, brand family, image style etc.) are also vital & important parts of the brand identity. 

The transformation at our headquarters started with Crane. Both internal & external communication projects are in the pipeline and we work hard to sustain our brand presence. 

And don’t forget, there are more surprises in 2017.