The second half of 2019 has flown by for all the Hitit Team; we were delighted to be your loyal technology partner and support our partner airlines to reach for the skies, not only with their fleet but also with their dreams and goals. Our hard work has once again been recognized by the industry and we were awarded “The Leading PSS Provider of The Year in Europe” and “The Leading Technology Software Provider in the Tourism Sector in Turkey.” We are delighted to be honored with these awards and celebrate this proudly with our community, which has grown by a further 10 new airlines from across the world.


towards-a-new-decadeAt Hitit, we are grateful to be the technology partner in such a unique environment, whose members are some of the most significant players in the travel industry, an industry that is often faced with challenges. In fact, according to the year-over-year growth comparisons, 2019 was not the best year for the aviation industry. Many parts of the world faced struggles stemming from slowing economic growth, and unfortunately, some airlines were not able to survive the downturn. As well as global issues, each continent has its own challenges such as the recession in Latin America due to the currency weaknesses, high costs in Africa causing structural problems, inadequate improvements in air traffic capacity and management in Asia-Pacific, and a general economic slowdown in Europe. However, despite these there is hope for the 2020 forecasts as the current conditions of passenger demand and fuel prices, is positive.

The shining star of the travel industry is aviation, with its tremendous potential as more travelers prefer to fly to reach their destinations, meaning the industry will continue to expand. Hitit believes the key formula for success is to listen to the passengers, understand their demands, ease their journeys, and create multiple and smarter choices for them. Technology is your advantage, and we are always here to help our partners take the lead.

Hitit’s partners have continued to keep ahead of the game with Crane solutions surrounded by innovative technology, adapting to the latest industry updates and features, making business easier for the industry players. Let’s take a look at the new opportunities for 2020.

Stay tuned and follow us, we will be attending many events and will be happy to meet with you all year round.