As one of the Top 5 PSS providers, Hitit have been sponsoring and exhibiting in 20 international aviation events in North America, Europe, Africa and Middle East this year. This number has raised significantly in comparison with 2015.



We’ve proudly supported panels and keynotes by our speakers on the industries top PSS trending topics. Mr. Sami Aras Kubilay’s keynote ‘How to apply trending low cost practices for maximum growth’ was recognized as one of the most successful presentations of Aviation Festival Africa.


2016 Activity List

Gold Sponsorship:

World Low Cost Airlines Americas, Miami, 24-25 May

APG World Connect, Monaco, 2-4 November


Silver Sponsorship:

Aviation Festival Africa, Johannesburg, 28-29 June

IATA World Financial Symposium, Singapore, 20-22 September

New Generation of Passenger Systems, London, 20-22 September 


Iran Summit, Tehran, 24-25

World Low Cost Airlines-Asia Pacific, Singapore, 23-24 February

Loyalty 2016, Bangkok, 29 February-2 March

ITB Berlin, Berlin, 9-13 March

TDS Europe 2016, London, 19-20 April

IATA 138td Slot Conference, 21-23 June

Iran Post Sanctions Congress, Istanbul, 24-25 May

IATA Aviation Day Africa, Abuja, 23-24 May

World Low Cost Airlines, London, 8-9 September

CAPA Iran Finance Summit, Tehran, 18-19 September

Turkmentel 2016, Ashgabat, 28-30 September

AviaDev, Rwanda, 4-6 October

IATA World Passenger Symposium, Dubai, 18-20 October

ALTA Leaders Forum, Mexico, AACO 49th AGM, Casablanca, 28-30 November 


Marketing Team of Hitit.