Indonesian airline TransNusa, which suspended its flights due to the pandemic, returned to the sky with Hitit. TransNusa focused on strengthening its technological infrastructure during the period when it paused its operations and completed the digital transformation with Hitit's Crane branded software solutions.

PT TransNusa Aviation Mandiri (TransNusa), one of Indonesia’s airline companies, started its operations after a two-year break. Choosing Hitit for its digital transformation, the Indonesian airline company started soaring again after the pandemic with Hitit's software solutions. The airline company, which turned its IT approach into a one-stop-shop thanks to its cooperation with Hitit, completed the system integration with Hitit's Crane branded software solutions. TransNusa completely renewed its IT infrastructure with Hitit's passenger service systems, accounting, operation planning and cargo solutions. TransNusa, which has resumed passenger flights with its improved technology, will also begin using Hitit's Crane cargo solutions for domestic and international air cargo operations in the very near future. 

Comprehensive solution suite with a one-stop shop approach 

Nevra Onursal Karaagac, CMO at Hitit stated that they are very happy to be the IT provider of TransNusa and that they have signed the first export of aviation technologies from Turkey to Indonesia. Karaağaç also said: "We are growing in Asia. With the TransNusa partnership, we have gained a new community member and have succeeded in entering a new country. Hitit is expanding its footprint in Southeast Asia. Besides our technological competence our success lies in the agility of our teams. We are the first and only aviation technology company that can offer a comprehensive set of solutions with a one-stop shop approach. In addition, we enable airlines to grow freely in their distribution and give the freedom to maximize revenue opportunities. We look forward to TransNusa’s growth and excited to support them in their regrowth.”

Dato’ Bernard Francis, Group Aviation CEO at TransNusa stated that the Hitit solution was implemented remotely without the presence of Hitit personnel in Jakarta due to pandemic restriction orders from both countries at that time. The entire implementation of the systems from training for each module, setting up UAT for each module, testing and going live were done remotely. We didn’t experience any form of system glitch that halted our sales opening. Everything went well and we are overwhelmed with the Hitit support team throughout the implementation of the Hitit modules across our organization.