Ibom Air, a Nigerian carrier owned by the Akwa Ibom State Government, has completed the system migration, and started its operations with Hitit’s technology. Hitit, which provides all the solutions an airline requires, with its unique One-Stop Shop feature in the industry – provides Ibom Air with all services, including passenger services, accounting, and operations planning, with the Crane suite equipped with the latest technology. Following Hitit’s collaboration with Ibom Air, Hitit has become the technology company of choice for nearly half of Nigeria’s airlines.

29.04.2024, Uyo – İstanbul - Ibom Air has recently partnered with Hitit, a leading global airline and travel technology solutions provider. Thus, Ibom Air joins the valued group of Nigerian partners aligned with Hitit. With a solid operational history dating back to 2019, Ibom Air is now embracing a transformative journey in collaboration with Hitit aimed at digital evolution.

Following a seamless system migration, Ibom Air commenced operations utilizing Hitit’s cutting-edge technology. This strategic alliance has empowered Hitit to oversee all facets of Ibom Air’s operations, encompassing passenger service systems, operational planning, and accounting processes.

With a robust network spanning nine routes and six destinations, Ibom Air is well-positioned to leverage the enhanced operational efficiency facilitated by its partnership with Hitit. This strategic alliance is expected to not only bolster Ibom Air's operational capabilities but also catalyze its growth and expansion in the dynamic aviation landscape, offering a clear vision of the partnership's potential benefits.

Almost half of Nigerian airline companies prefer Hitit

Hitit's CMO, Ms. Nevra Onursal Karaağaç stated that Ibom Air, joining Hitit's ecosystem, has reached a significant milestone in Nigeria. With Ibom Air, almost half of Nigerian airline companies prefer Hitit for their technology needs.
Ms. Karaağaç continued: “We are pleased and proud that Ibom Air, which has been operating scheduled flights in Nigeria for nearly 5 years, has chosen us. The steady growth we have experienced in Africa, particularly in Nigeria, is a testament to how much Hitit technologies are appreciated. When Hitit's advanced technology is combined with service quality, prioritizing customer satisfaction, Hitit will inevitably become the brand of choice. As the preferred IT provider for Ibom Air, which has undergone a smooth migration and continues its operations with us, Hitit is pleased to continue supporting them in every aspect and to partner in the airline’s further growth in the coming years.

George Uriesi, the COO of Ibom Air offered the following remarks regarding their recent partnership with Hitit: “Our collaboration with Hitit marks a pivotal moment in Ibom Air's journey. By embracing Hitit's cutting-edge technology and expertise, we are poised to enhance every aspect of our operations. This partnership signifies our commitment to delivering excellent service to our passengers while driving efficiency and innovation across our network. We are confident that with Hitit's support, Ibom Air will continue to do so.