Hitit, one of the world's best-known airline and travel technology companies, and Nepal Airlines, the country's flag carrier, have created a new partnership. Hitit has started to serve as the technology provider of Nepal Airlines for the next five years. Nepal Airlines utilizes Hitit's award-winning and globally recognized passenger service system and accounting solutions effective May 6th. Hitit continues to expand its network for its Crane Solution Suite throughout South Asia. 

09 May 2022 / ISTANBUL-KATMANDU – Airline and travel IT provider Hitit continues to grow throughout the world. Nepal Airlines, the flag carrier of Nepal, is the newest airline partner for Hitit. Nepal Airlines, which has started to use Hitit's award-winning and globally known passenger service system solutions, realized its digital transformation that has been made inevitable since the pandemic.

According to the agreement, Hitit provides Nepal Airlines a comprehensive PSS solution, one of the most flexible airline passenger service system solutions with its ability to transform together with the industry, grow alongside its partners, and help them achieve their strategic objectives whether it is to maximize customer experience or boost revenues. Nepal Airlines has also started to utilize Hitit's revenue accounting solution, Crane RA, allowing airlines to get a full view of passenger revenue streams and maximize their profits.

Speaking about the agreement, Nevra Onursal Karaagac, CMO at Hitit, said: "The conditions brought about by the pandemic have pushed airline companies to boost their technological capability. The impact of these conditions necessitated a new world order in the airline industry, increasing the importance of quality aviation software. The growth momentum that Hitit has achieved in the last two years is due to the high-tech and qualified PSS solutions. In addition, Hitit serves many flag carriers in its portfolio. This situation reflects our service levels and the quality of our solutions and brought us together with Nepal Airlines. I hope that we will spend a very productive and abundant journey together. The entire Hitit team is so happy to make such a valuable airline a part of our family."