Nur Gökman, Co-founder and Chairwoman of Hitit, was honored with the Business Woman and Women Entrepreneur of the Year award, an accolade presented by The International Women’s Entrepreneurial Challenge Foundation (IWEC) since 2006. 
Representing Türkiye through the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce’s nomination, this award was presented to her at an international conference held in Turin, Italy.

8 November 2023, Turin – The IWEC awards, initiated by the Barcelona, Manhattan, and Indian Chambers of Industry and Commerce in 2006, seek to empower women entrepreneurs on a global scale. At the 2023 IWEC Conference, held Nov. 5-7, Nur Gökman, the Chairwoman of the Board of Directors and the Hitit’s Co-Founder, representing Türkiye, was chosen for this honor. The IWEC's mission is to support women entrepreneurs operating in the international market and acknowledge outstanding women leaders in this domain.

Operating in 48 countries, IWEC selects its awardees through evaluations conducted of candidates nominated by chambers of commerce from member countries. Ms.Gökman was recognized with the IWEC award, which considers criteria such as international market presence; the inspiration she provides to other women, and the positive impact of her work. Ms. Gökman, who not only pioneered the birth of a new sector in Türkiye by establishing Hitit, she also transformed the company into a globally recognized airline and travel technologies leader through her innovative contributions.  Ms. Gökman earned this accolade due to her vision which turned Hitit from a regional into a worldwide service exporter and a publicly traded company.

Ms. Gökman stated, "We've successfully transformed Hitit, founded by two women in the field of airline and travel technologies, into a highly reputable global company today. We've reached a top-three position worldwide in our industry. Throughout our journey, we've consistently emphasized the importance of creating an inclusive environment for women within the industry. Our commitment to this cause is ingrained into our company's DNA and is supported by our internal policies, practices, as well as our involvement in national and international initiatives and projects. We aim to inspire other women with our pioneering approach, which we advocate across all platforms. As we continue our efforts to drive digital transformation in aviation and travel, we remain committed to mentoring and empowering women both within and outside our organization."

Hitit, a signatory of the International Air Transport Association’s (IATA) 25by2025 initiative, has already surpassed the 25by2025 goal for gender diversity and inclusion, boasting almost40% woman employees. Hitit is a leader in the industry through its inclusive approach and pioneering commitment to equality within the STEM fields.