Extending the reach of the "Rackets Up" project to regions hit by earthquakes, Hitit recently visited Malatya following its presence in Kahramanmaraş. "Rackets Up," an enduring social responsibility project launched by Hitit in 2018, stands as a unique endeavor aimed at nurturing the physical and emotional well-being of earthquake-affected children through the sport of table tennis. In a collaborative effort with the Turkish Table Tennis Federation, Hitit has not only established a dedicated table tennis facility at the Beydağı Temporary Accommodation Center in Malatya's Yeşilyurt District, but also committed to providing consistent, expert table tennis training.

23.08.2023, Malatya - Hitit, which provides technology service to the world with software solutions in the airline and travel sector, has reached out to over 140,000 children across various Turkish provinces. This noble undertaking has now extended its footprint to earthquake-impacted areas. In response to the trauma caused by the earthquake that struck on February 6, the “Rackets Up” project recalibrated its activity program to cater to the needs of affected regions.

To this end, on June 21, Hitit inaugurated a dedicated table tennis area at the Expo Container City in Kahramanmaraş. Subsequently, on August 22, a similar facility was inaugurated at the Beydağı Temporary Accommodation Center in Malatya. Through this collaboration with the Turkish Table Tennis Federation, the project endeavors to provide children with structured table tennis training under the guidance of accomplished coaches.

Professional Table Tennis Training

“Rackets Up” offers a sustainable and structured table tennis program, complete with professional coaching and equipment, to children who wish to explore this dynamic sport. Beyond fostering physical and mental development, the project also seeks to identify and nurture young table tennis talent, with the ultimate goal of cultivating international-level athletes who will proudly represent our nation in this discipline.

Malatya Yeşilyurt Mayor Mehmet Çınar also attended the event. Children enthusiastically participated in table tennis games, with Mayor Çınar joining them, along with volunteers including coaches and employees from Hitit. The event featured a range of enjoyable activities tailored to different age groups.

Nevra Onursal Karaağaç, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer of Hitit, said:

Nevra Onursal Karaağaç, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer of Hitit, stated, "In 2018, we embarked on “Rackets Up”, which has positively impacted hundreds of thousands of children. It is our solemn duty and responsibility to extend the reach of “Rackets Up” to children residing in earthquake-stricken regions, aligning with the project's core purpose. Conceived with the objective of nurturing a healthy lifestyle and encouraging participation in diverse sporting pursuits, this initiative is now being harnessed to deliver the therapeutic benefits of sports to children in earthquake-affected areas. Supported by local governments’ invaluable collaboration in the hosting provinces, we remain steadfast in our endeavor to utilize sports as a means of healing and recovery in these earthquake-stricken regions."