Hitit, one of the leading airline and travel technology companies worldwide, added a new partner to its Turkish partners. Hitit, in order to expand its network of agencies, signed a deal with Alabanda which is one of the leaders of corporate travel and event management in Turkish tourism. Within the scope of the agreement, Alabanda will be using the innovative travel merchandising platform Crane TM for five years. Alabanda Tourism will be the first Turkish tourism travel agency to use Hitit’s technology.

 30 September 2022 / ISTANBUL Hitit, the technology provider of both the airline and travel sectors, continues to expand, diversifying its partner portfolio, which consists of 60 companies that are mostly airlines from 45 different countries in the world. Hitit offers one-stop shop software solutions to the travel industry, expanding its opportunity to collaborate with other companies in the travel sector which has led to Hitit having a new partner Alabanda Tourism, one of the leaders in the tourism industry. 

With the agreement made between the two companies, Hitit’s next generation travel merchandising platform Crane TM will be used by Alabanda Tourism gathering all providers on a single platform allowing corporate customers to make their travel reservations on Crane TM without needing any other or different systems. Thanks to Crane TM, all the corporate clients that Alabanda Tourism works with can easily designate their own company travel policies and confirmation mechanisms to the system, because Crane TM only shows options that are aligned with employee policies, it prevents any out-of-policy reservations for the company. This utility not only will provide operational efficiency but also will save time and money. Alabanda Tourism will be able to provide specialized services to more corporates with the help of the Crane TM system and its self-service principles.

About the new partnership with Alabanda Tourism, Nevra Onursal Karaağaç, CMO at Hitit, said, “This collaboration, is an important step towards our goal of expanding our Turkish agency network. Since Hitit is not only one of the leading software exporters of Turkey in aviation but also in the tourism sector. Alabanda Tourism became the first Turkish travel agency that are using Hitit’s software. In the future, our goal is to keep making new collaborations. Crane TM system, provides many services like flight, hotel, rent a car, transfer, and travel insurance on a single platform as well as easy and fast reporting options to travel agencies.”

CEO and chairman of the executive board of Alabanda Tourism A. Refik Kutluer shared his thoughts about the deal they made with Hitit: “As Alabanda I am more than happy to be part of a first. After 10 years of our digitalization journey, signing with Hitit, one of the leaders in its sector in the world, we achieved the greatest distance so far on our journey. By merging our knowledge of the travel and event management sectors with Hitit’s technology solutions; we aim to provide our customers the opportunity to make their travel organizations on their own terms, when and wherever, on their own if they wish to do so, and on a single screen. Of course, while providing this new-generation digital travel platform, we will not forget about the need for human interaction in real life. Alabanda will continue providing its services at airport and city offices without a hitch, 365 days a year and 24 hours a day. Just as our important partner Hitit takes its name and logo from the ancient Hitit civilization, our name comes from the ancient Caria city Alabanda.  With the inspiration, we get from Alabanda we aim to share our expertise with our stakeholders. We try our best to give direction and speed to our sector as per the saying “İskele Alabanda” which translates as “hard to port” in naval terms.”